The best movies about the Crypto and NFT world

    The best movies about the Crypto and NFT world

    Let’s find out together 5 films that talk about the phenomenon of the moment

    Crypto Art has been a phenomenon that has long since exploded and even the cinema could not help but notice the great artistic novelty of recent years!

    But what are the best movies and TV series on the crypto and NFT world ever made? Let’s find out together!

    1) “StartUp” (2016)

    “StartUp” is an American television series broadcast between 2016 and 2018 on the Crackle on-demand platform and from this year it is also available on Netflix. The story, set in the world of finance, tells the story of Nick, Ronald and Izzy who invest and launder dirty money in a new and revolutionary independent cryptocurrency called “Gencoin”: the survival of this project, however, will prove particularly difficult between interests. criminals, rampant corruption and unscrupulous investors.

    2) “Feels Good Man” (2020) 

    Presented at the Sundance Film Festival, the famous international independent film festival, “Feel Good Man” is a documentary that tells the transformation of the meme “Pepe the frog” from a funny and harmless frog with anthropomorphic forms to a favorite symbol of the far right in everything. the world. From this unexpected and unwanted change, new versions of the frog known as “Rare Peppers” have begun to circulate and marketed for figures that have even touched $ 100,000 through the creation of a veritable cryptocurrency known as PEPECASH. In the documentary, the designer and creator Matt Furie tells the story from his point of view, claiming its authorship.

    3) “The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made” (2021) 

    Made by “The Defiant”, a platform that deals with decentralized finance and visible on their YouTube channel, “The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made” is the unsuccessful attempt, according to its creators, to explain to the public that NFTs and the blockchain are as completely as possible, trying to cover every single area touched by this technology: art, fashion, music, metaverse and finance. The film investigates and goes to the discovery of “the craziest and meanest tokens ever”.

    4) “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, And The Future of The Internet” (2021) 

    Available for viewing on Amazon Prime, “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, And The Future of The Internet” is a documentary that seeks to explain in detail the crypto and Blockchain world by touching on various issues such as decentralized finance (DeFi), web 3.0 and decentralization. The film saw the participation of the major exponents of this sector with targeted interviews with Andreas Antonopoulos, Laura Shin, Wences Casares, Charlie Lee, Vitalik Buterin, Preethi Kasireddy, Dr. Robert Kahn, Roger Ver, Samson Mow and many others.

    5) “The Underground Sistine Chapel” (2021) 

    “The Underground Sistine Chapel” is a French documentary visible for free on YouTube, which tells the story of the creation by street artist Pascal Boyart of a modern Sistine Chapel during the 2020 lockdown in the heart of an old gold foundry in the Parisian suburb . The work was then divided into a series of NFTs, each of which corresponding to one of the characters of the great scenes, then put up for sale on OpenSea.


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