The Digital Archive

    A fundamental tool for the art collector

    Together with the Artist Archive, the digital archive is a tool to support the collector, because it allows him to catalog the works and preserve the documents received after the purchase.

    In addition, the digital archive collects all the information that accompanies the work from its birth to the moment it is going to be sold, bequeathed or donated.

    Having a net archive, accompanied by photographic documentation of the works, allows the collector to carry out a series of operations quickly and easily:

    -the evaluation

    -the value updating

    -the trade  

    -the insurance and loan requests 

    -the thefts management

    -the recognition of fakes 

    What should a digital archive contain? Here is the answer according to the Object ID system, the international standard for the description of art objects, born from years of joint research between museum institutions, law enforcement and experts.

    • Certificate of the Authenticity: it is the “passport of the work of art”, a document that must be delivered by the professional seller to the collector at the time of purchase
    • Photographies: the photographic documentation must portray the reverse and the back, the frame and the various labels or stamps present
    • Identification data of the artwork: author, title, year, material, dimension, location
    • Other info: single or edition work, description of the work and its display needs, presence or absence of the frame with its description, Condition Report certifying the physical state of the work, bibliography
    • Economical Info: purchase data (place, date, price), export notes, taxes, insurance, artwork revaluation
    • Loans List: list of all the loans with the related documents
    • Transport: list all the movements undergone by the work and specifics of the packaging and handling needs
    • Exhibitions requirements: describe the exhibition requirements of the work, in particular if there are indications left by the artist or if the work is particularly fragile

    Among the technological solutions available for collectors, but not only, we find Art Rights, platform that offers the opportunity to manage, track and enhance your art collection, in complete security, privacy and autonomy, thanks to Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.


    Are you ready to create your digital archive?


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