The Museum Professions

    Le Professioni Museali

    The recent digitization has given a strong boost to the professionals who animate the Museum. Let’s discover together the main ones! 

    The Museum, as a cultural institution that carries out research, conservation, documentation, education and communication functions with complex aims, today increasingly requires the presence of professions and skills to encourage the development of the dialogue of its cultural reality with society and the territory.

    In recent years, the theme of museum professions has been the subject of attention by institutions, with a specific focus on new changes related to art education, communication, fruition and more. 

    The staff of a museum varies according to the size of the museum, until it includes more and more specialized figures in different subjects and functions. 

    Let’s find out some of them!

    Director: is responsible for the management of the museum as a whole, as well as the implementation and development of its cultural and scientific project.

    Scientific Director (or Curator): is responsible for directing the Scientific Committee, which in turn defines the general guidelines of the Museum’s scientific activity and establishes the annual exhibition program. 

    Supervisory and reception staff: follow and accompany visitors, answering their questions and needs.

    Museum Teaching Assistants and Cultural Mediators: they carry out educational projects aimed at bringing the public closer to the artistic heritage through guided tours, workshops, special paths for accessibility, interdisciplinary paths.

    In-house Handling and Display Workers: are responsible for the transport and movement of works of art within the museum, as well as their packing, unpacking and display.

    Exhibition Registrar: multidisciplinary professional at the service of all the steps of handling works of art, in their inbound and outbound loan phase. 

    In addition to these professions that more or less make up a museum’s staff, today with the advent of digital, museums are preparing to welcome more and more new resources including:

    Assist with multimedia tools such as interactive works, 3D technology, gaming, and technical systems related to climate control and safety equipment.

    Social Media Manager: is responsible for managing the institution’s social media by developing strategies for its digital promotion and communication.

    Content creator: develops digital content to enhance and promote the museum’s collection, exhibitions, and identity. 

    Press Office: office dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of the museum’s activities on a local, national and international level. 

    Cultural Manager: a professional who, by combining technical-scientific expertise and management skills, translates the guidelines of the Scientific Directorate into a concrete cultural marketing project. 

    Fundraiser: deals with fundraising from sponsors to finance museum activities. 

    Photographers and videomakers for art: professionals specialized in the creation of photos and videos to effectively enhance the cultural heritage. 

    The Museum therefore hosts a true ecosystem of professionalism and within it new skills, new visions and new professions are constantly being developed.

    Photo Credits: Peggy Guggenheim Museum Venice

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