The new Art Professions in 2021


    The pandemic and the digitization process has brought out the need for new art professions. Let’s find out together!

    Covid-19 has had a strong impact on the art market. To limit the economic damage, numerous high-tech initiatives have been designed and developed to visit the collections, exhibitions, sell works at fairs and at auctions.

    In this scenario, the critical issues that the artistic and cultural sector has towards the digital world emerged, starting its own obstacle course in the technological / digital field together with the recognition of a lack of specific professional skills.

    Working for the world of Art and Culture brings with it countless aspects related to the intrinsic values ​​of art, artists, collectors, institutions, for this reason a sensitivity of approach is required together with the application of unconventional marketing models, communication, use and sale of art.

    For this reason the pandemic has highlighted the need to structure new strategies thanks to the integration of digital technology and new professions with transversal skills, which know the dynamics of public institutions as well as private ones and of the market, in support of museums, galleries and operators in the sector.

    Let’s find out together the most requested art professions in 2021!

    Cultural Marketing

    The pandemic has shown every type of cultural entity, public or private, the need to include in their team Cultural Marketing Professionals, Art Project Managers, Digital Marketing and Cultural Fundraising Experts. They will be able to integrate new ways to the business models of existing realities able to respond to the new emerging needs for the world of culture.

    Digital Communication

    The weak effectiveness of the transmission of digital content, especially during the first wave of the pandemic, is to be found in the absence of professionals dedicated to the management and planning of online communication. Therefore professionals such as Digital Strategist, Social Media Manager, Digital Specialist and Digital Storytelling, Communication Manager and Cultural Mediators will be highly sought after to create new communication strategies for art suitable for different audiences.

    IT experts

    The advent of digital necessarily requires the involvement of IT professionals such as App Developers, Web Developers, E-commerce Managers, SEO and SEM specialists, Data Scientists and experts in Blockchain, AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

    In this way it will be possible to develop new tools to support the promotion, use and sale of the works, as well as monitoring the digital strategies implemented.

    Innovative Start Ups and digital service agencies

    Graphics, Illustrators, Video Makers, Digital creators are just some of the most requested professions not only in institutions but also in agencies that deal with providing digital services for art.

    In addition, digital will reward the birth and development of Innovative Start Up which, thanks to the use of new technologies, will offer support to Galleries, Museums, Auction Houses, Fairs and Professionals to implement the digital revolution.

    Among these Art Backers, an innovative artisan startup operating in the art and culture sector, from whose experience Art Rights was born, the first platform for the management and certification of works of art with Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to support artists , Collectors and Operators in the sector.

    And you, are you ready to discover the art professions of 2021?

    Photo credits: Sotheby’s Institute of Art

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