The Phase 2 of Museums and Art Galleries


    The safety rules for reopening

    From 18 May in Italy museums, parks and archaeological areas together with art galleries and cultural spaces have started to reopen.

    The activities of a very important sector for the country were suspended from March 8, and the statistics in the post Coronavirus recorded for 460 museums of the over 5,000 the non-attendance of almost 19 million visitors and a non-collection of about 78 million euros.

    Now that Art and Culture are also in full swing, public and private institutions, art galleries and cultural spaces are following the guidelines to return to that physicality so dear to the world of Art.

    ConfCultura – a representative organization of private companies that manage services for the enhancement, use and promotion of cultural heritage – has made available to the sector a vademecum formulated by the experts of the Italy in Health Foundation.

    In addition to the mandatory use of the mask, museum operators, gallery owners and staff together with visitors must respect the social distances of at least 2 meters. Precautionary initiatives for the reopening of museums and galleries include daily disinfection of spaces, the availability of dispensers with disinfectants in each room, and the use of lifts limited to strictly necessary conditions. And for the exchange of indoor air, doors and windows kept open in compliance with the microclimates to protect works of art.

    The methods of use of museums and access to the exhibition rooms also change: no longer waiting lines at the entrance, ticket office or wardrobe and no crowding in front of the works of art.

    In this reboot phase, the password will be security and experimentation with new forms of use which, despite the limitations, can nevertheless favor an intimate social and cultural experience between people and works of art.

    And you, which museum do you want to visit?


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