The reasoned catalogue

    A Tool to support the artist, the collector and the whole art system.

    Discover its importance

    The publication of the catalog raisonné is a crucial moment not only for the artist, but for the entire ecosystem of museums, collectors, gallery owners and operators in the sector who will have to deal with his works.

    This tool allows you to reconstruct an artist’s production in a precise, organic and detailed way.

    The reasoned catalogue is fundamental for clarifying the works produced by an artist and included in his archive.

    It is defined as reasoned because it is the result of specific and precise studies on the work of the artist, with precise historical research by the scientific committee of the related archive, experts and scholars who reconstruct the life of the production and of the single authentic works.

    It can refer to the entire production of the artist or to a specific period or technique, used by the artist in a certain phase of his artistic career.

    The reasoned catalgue is a set of information on an artist’s works which include: exhibitions, provenance, history, bibliography, and critical literature.

    All this information forms the individual worksheets, where the storage number of the work itself is also present if required.

    The reasoned catalogs become for this “pillars” of the art market: they are complex publications and the result of long work. An example is the Zervos Catalog, composed of over 33 volumes dedicated to the life and works of Picasso, which is currently worth 20,000 euros!

    The reasoned catalog is essential in the due diligence and provenance phases, linked to the control of information and documentary equipment for the acquisition of a work, thus supporting transparency and authenticity.

    The collector must not underestimate the importance of the reasoned catalog.

    The penalty? The lack of authenticity of one’s collection or acquired work.

    Are you ready to discover the importance of the reasoned catalog?


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