The Statement

    Do not undervalue it

    The Statement is among the tools that allow the artist to communicate the reasons for his research to the art world.

    Sometimes artists consider that, only by carefully observing their works, it is possible to gain a level of knowledge that allows the gallery owner to invest in a personal exhibition or the collector to add it in their art collection.

    The words, within the Art System, play a key role among its protagonists, the Artist should for this transmit, with extreme clarity, their artistic practice to a professional audience, but not only.

    The Statement is an important part of a set of tools to promote your art, which contains the actual process and the motivations that give shape and contents in artistic research.

    Early in his career, it will be the emerging artist to shape the Statement, or alternatively he can be supported in writing by experts in cultural marketing, then enclosing the text within the Portfolio and on his own Website.

    Thereafter the document can be updated, thanks to the contribution of professionals like historians, critics or art curators, in order to narrate a new cycle of artistic research.

    [signinlocker id=4040] Each Statement is unique and absolutely personal, so it is useful to follow some suggestions to draw up this valuable tool:

    • STRUCTURE: the text, enclosed in a few paragraphs, should not be interpreted as a guide for the collector or gallery owner, and does not serve to provide direction on what kind of reaction the works should inspire. Each paragraph should also end with a sentence that reinforces the key concept;
    • CONTENT: specific and synthetic, avoiding inserting irrelevant details. It is important to give value to the study and the artistic research with attention to the technique, the sources of reference such as philosophical concepts without being enigmatic;
    • LANGUAGE: it is good to use effective terms, but at the same time precise and accurate, removingfrom the text words of self-celebration, excessively poetic or useless technicalities.


    The Statement, enhancing the artistic research, allows galleries and collectors to appreciate with greater awareness the works of art thanks to the words and therefore to the thought of those who produced them.

    And you, are you ready to have a Statement to the letter?


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