The Website: a virtual gallery for art

    Today not having a strong presence on the web is almost like not existing: the network of contacts has also to be built online and taking care of one’s digital brand image is fundamental especially in art.

    The art world benefits from online visibility, giving artists and professionals the chance to be known by fans and collectors..

    Pay attention to your own social networks is not enough, that’s why for the artist and the art gallery to build their own website becomes essential.

    The website for an artist represents the main container where all information about his artistic research can be gathered.

    For the most established artists, including Gerhard Richter, Daniel Buren and Tony Cragg, it has become a real archive of their production, which in addition to collecting personal data and press review, is an official source for gallery owners, collectors and art professionals.

    A website becomes functional for an artist when he provides a broad perspective of his art; among the main features we can mention:

    • Domain: the url of the site has the name of the artist himself
    • Statementclear and concise text; being cryptic is never a good way to communicate yourself and your work
    • Portfolio Pictures: the past projects are structured according to pre-defined criteria (temporal, thematic, exhibition), accompanied by high resolution photographs, to be identified and viewed in detail
    • Bio e CV: encompasses personal data and the main information of an artist to deepen the previous exhibitions, the awards won, the galleries he collaborated with  and the collections in which the works are
    • Contacts: the main references are always present, without forgetting to indicate social networks

    Even the big art galleries take special care of their online presence and in some cases have in their websites “reserved” sections for their collectors or for press contacts.

    Among these Gagosian, Hauser&Wirth, Massimo De Carlo that, following a principle of exclusivity, allow to create an ideal gallery of works to be acquired for their collection.

    There are also galleries that started to sell online, like the Viewing Room of David Zwirner entrusted to the Instagram influencer Elena Soboleva; a new opportunity to intercept an even wider market that attracts young collectors.

    Also collectors are ready to present, through websites, their own art collection beyond the physicality of museum loans; among these we can find the Maramotti Collection and the Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection.

    The tools to promote their online image are a lot, for artists, as well as for art galleries and collectors, which go beyond the boundaries of reality to achieve an increasingly global showcase.

    And you, are you ready to create the website for your art?

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