What is Rarible?

    What is Rarible? 

    Discovering Rarible NFT sales platform

    If you are approaching the world of Crypto Art and NFTs, you cannot fail to know Rarible! 

    Founded by Alex Salkinov and Alexei Falin in early 2020, it is an online sales platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is also a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Platform) platform which is then governed by the community. Governance takes place through its RARI token which gives decision-making power on the platform to those who own it.

    A special feature of Rarible is the introduction of the community. Thanks to this it is possible to share or search for new ideas based on industry trends, a bit like with YouTube.

    On the main screen there are three sectors, which are lacking in the other marketplaces: 

    EXPLORE, which allows you to browse for a specific NFT; 

    FOLLOWING gives the opportunity to follow the various artists and to be followed in turn; 

    COMMUNITY, where to find various information, discussions and current trends

    But how can you create or trade NFTs on Rarible?

    In order to create an NFT on this platform, it is necessary to go to the official website where, on the main screen, all the NFTs currently on the market available for purchase will appear at first sight. A wallet is required to create, sell or buy NFTs; Metamask is the most popular and is compatible with Rarible.

    After connecting the wallet to the platform, it will be possible to proceed with all the operations, but subject to requesting an authorization from the community which may or may not decide to accept. This happens because otherwise potentially dangerous or unsuitable material could be uploaded which could ruin the platform’s reputation.

    To create an NFT you will have to click on the CREATE indication at the top right of the home screen, once done, a second page will open which will ask you to select whether to create a single NFT or multiples.

    At that point, the screen dedicated to the creation of the NFT will appear in which you will be asked in what format you want to upload your file (PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4), if you intend to sell it, by ticking the word PUT ON SALE, and with which cryptocurrency. You will then have to give your work a title, an optional description, enter the percentage of royalties you want Rarible to receive from the future sale (10% is recommended) and then add the properties of the NFT on PROPERTIES, for example the quantity or features.

    Finally, all you have to do is click on CREATE ITEM and at that point the Metamask wallet page will open asking you to confirm the transaction. You will then need to pay a mandatory network fee in ETH to be able to confirm the creation.

    At this point you will have created your first NFT work, which will be possible to view on the Ethereum blockchain through a specific unique alphanumeric code.


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