Tennis player Andy Murray and Refik Anadol together for an NFT for Wimbledon

    Tennis player Andy Murray and Refik Anadol together for an NFT for Wimbledon

    The work represents the first fusion between sport, digital art and data science

    Ten years after British tennis player Andy Murray’s first victory, Wimbledon has decided to launch the first official NFT of the tournament, thanks to the collaboration with the now famous digital artist Refik Anadol. The project was curated and produced by FAN3, a Web3 consultancy agency.

    The artwork “The Exposition”

    The NFT is a generative artwork, a typical Anadol research medium, that uses an algorithm with millions of inputs from statistical, motion, audio and visual data from Murray’s 18-year career at Wimbledon.
    Not only that, the work evolves by collecting data in real-time during this year’s tennis tournament.
    The result? A beautiful digital art sculpture whose colours emphasize the tennis player’s wins and losses that “reinvents how high-performance sports data can be understood and appreciated in a strikingly visual way,” said the team.

    The Physical Edition

    Holders of this Open Edition will also later have the exclusive right to purchase a physical print edition of the artwork, produced by Avant Arte partners – an example of how this innovative project strives to merge the digital and physical worlds.

    The Drop

    Launched on on July 7th, the NFT is an Open Edition that can be purchased at the price of $147 until July 16th at this link:


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