Art Basel: Simon Denny sells NFT in favor of Basel

    News from the digital and NFT world – 23 SEPTEMBER 2021

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    Art Basel and NFT. Simon Denny sells NFT to Basel

    The Berlin artist Simon Denny, in collaboration with the Kunsthalle Basel, has created an NFT in favor of the economy of Basel.

    This is a simple and static work of Crypto Art, a black and white graph showing the steady rise in property prices during specific historical events: the Great Depression, the two world wars, the post war capitalist boom era. up to our times.

    Conceived with the support of the economist Moritz Schularick, the goal would be to “decentralize” wealth, getting it out of the usual patterns that generated it:

    “The rise of cryptocurrencies has meant (and I think it will continue to mean more and more in the future) a challenge to existing monetary systems,” said the artist, “cryptocurrencies are a threat to the government’s control over the economies they preside,” and therefore to power… “.

    The work will be sold during Art Basel by Kunsthalle Basel: “Regardless of whether or not one is interested in NFTs in general, one should still closely observe how Denny uses the medium to transform it into a conceptual work of art”, said Elena Filipovic, director and curator of the Kunsthalle, “I am one of those people who are generally not interested in the NFT phenomenon, but I am immensely interested in what Denny is doing with them.”


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