Art Rights among the Media Partners of Metaforum in Milan

    Art Rights is among Metaforum’s Media Partners: the 2nd edition of the event on NFT, metaversi and DeFi in Milan

    On 7 June, the second edition of the Metaforum event, organized by Finlantern and in collaboration with The Cryptonomist as a strategic partner, will be held in Milan.

    The event will last an entire day and will be held at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, a location surrounded by greenery to talk about crypto art, NFTs and more. Wide space will also be given to gaming, with the presence of a special room to try NFT games and applications in collaboration with Noku and Bulltverse.

    The conference, in addition to addressing the topic of metaverse, will also have panels and speeches dedicated to crypto, DeFi and blockchain.

    Among the confirmed speakers we can find:

    • David Princay of Binance,
    • Giacomo Zucco,
    • Marco Ruffa of Pinko,
    • Our Founder & CEO Andrea Concas
    • Jonathan Perkins of SuperRare
    • Attorney Luciano Quarta
    • Lyn Ulbricht
    • Marcello Mari of Singularity DAO
    • Valerya Minaeva of 1inch
    • Massimo Morini of Algorand
    • Attorney Lars Schlichting
    • Roberto Gorini of Noku
    • Federico Morgantini of Forbes Italia and

    Moderators also include Silvio Luchetti and Sheraz Ahmed; the list of speakers is constantly being updated.

    Some of the confirmed sponsors include Crypt& Co by Gianluca Masini Rosati, Multiverse X, better known before the rebranding as Elrond, Bulltverse, Hydroken and others will be announced soon.

    Whereas event partners include ArtRights, The Nemesis,, and many others.

    During the Metaforum day there will also be an NFT exhibition featuring some of the greatest artists such as Matteo Mauro, Leo Caillard, Andrea Crespi, Mattia Cuttini, Giovanni Motta and many more that we will slowly unveil in the coming months.


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