Discover the Secrets of the Art told by gallerists. Download the FREE Ebook!!

    Discover the secrets of the art told by the best gallerists

    Download the FREE Ebook Vol.1

    Discover the secrets of the most important Italian gallerists, understand how they select their artists, what qualities they seek and above all the mistakes they must not make in order to have a succesful carrer in the art world.

    Figuring out how art galleries operate, and which dynamics regulate their artistic choices, is still an enigma.

    For a young artist or a first-time collector, going beyond the “veil” of opacity and mystery that surrounds the art market proves to be a difficult undertaking..

    Art Rights Magazine, to support its artists, collectors and operators, has decided to investigate the secrets of art professionals, involving over 40 galleries and letting the gallerists reveal a new world of art that no one has ever described before, enclosed in a series of eBooks entitled “Secrets of Art”.

    We are happy to introduce the first FREE book today, on the occasion of the last edition of Arte Fiera Bologna, where we have collected the testimonies of a selection of important galleries participating in the renowned Bologna Arte Fiera

    The questions we asked the gallery owners enabled us to identify their selection standards, the features an artist must have to be appreciated by collectors and the mistakes to avoid during their artistic career.

    The answers surprised us for the many insights provided to artists, risulting in a must-read ebook.

    If some gallery owners have emphasised the need for the artist, nowadays, to be present on social networks, others have instead highlighted the importance of a correct and accurate archiving and authentication process of the works.

    This analysis has shown how the role of the gallerist, as already mentioned, remains essential for a solid professional growth of an artist and a key point to rely on for the collector.

    The goal of the Art Rights eBook “The Secrets of ART” is to become a useful tool to narrate the work of the selected galleries, an added value to increase the knowledge of the tends of the art market.

    Whether you are an artist or a collector,  unlock the secrets of the art world and to assert your role!

    Do not miss the chance to discover  “The secrets of  Art volume II”, download the second eBook for FREE. We only ask you to subscribe to our newsletter. If you are already registered, then you should have received it before the others in your email…



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      Are you ready to discover the secrets of the gallerists?

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