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    Discover the secrets of the most important national and international gallerists, to understand how they select their artists, the qualities they seek in an artist and what mistakes they must not commit to pursue a career in the art world.

    Understanding how art galleries operate and what dynamics regulate their choices remains an enigma.
    For a young artist or a collector in the first purchases go beyond the “veil” of opacity and mystery that encompasses the art market proves to be a difficult undertaking.

    Art Rights Magazine, to support artists, collectors and operators in the sector, has decided to investigate the secrets of the art professionals, involving over 80 galleries and letting the gallerists reveal an unpublished art world, enclosed in an eBook series entitled “Secrets of Art”

    After the success and attention paid to the first two volumes of the “Secrets of Art” eBook series, Art Rights Magazine, comes back for you to dialogue with art galleries of great importance at national and international level.

    The new eBook “Secrets of Art – MIART Special Vol. III” comes from our meeting with forty-two galleries, carefully selected from those who participated in the last edition of MIART in Milan, an extraordinary art fair in which modern and contemporary meet drawing the attention of artists, collectors and industry players.

    From the interviews carried out for this last volume “The Secrets of Art”, as already for the other two eBooks, the idea that the figure of the gallerist plays a key role for the Artists is clearly strengthened.

    We would therefore like to reiterate how the role of the Gallery contributes, steadily and on solid foundations, to the enhancement and success of the professional and commercial activities of artists, while encouraging the building up of an art collection of great prestige for collectors.

    It is interesting to find out how the aim of gallerists is to create working partnerships with artists and weave constant relationships with collectors, through a long, continuous and authentic dialogue that sometimes requires constancy, loyalty and elaboration of thought.

    All interviewed gallerists agree on some fundamental aspects, such as listening, respect, reciprocity of common interests.

    In these evaluations there are not priority rules, loopholes or shortcuts; the damage would be irreversible for a long time.

    Once the objectives to be reached have been established, in the relationships between Galleria and Artists the mutual recognition of their own distinct professionalism must prevail, for this reason and once again we invite the Artists who read us to have the utmost attention in choosing the gallery to collaborate with.

    In fact, when asked about the mistakes made by artists, many of the gallery owners reiterated that “looking for shortcuts, making compromises or wanting immediate success” are the most frequent reasons for failure. To these are added the choice of artists to rely on exhibition spaces without any purpose of artistic and cultural promotion and moved by  speculative aspects, “direct door” towards the ruin of a career path.

    The passion for the realisation of his art leads the artist to different paths, where pride, the search for autonomy, the independence of thought, turn out to be, more than universally appreciated values, mere personal closures.

    This “perspective” creates a blind alley, an idealized and unrealizable space told by a romantic literature that sees the artist fighting solitary and “misunderstood” against the “system” understood in its generality.

    A modern artist can not and must no longer reason with these mental schemes developed at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and die hard, but must instead apply to lay a solid foundation of specific skills, training and seriousness, combined with the ability to relate with the various figures of the Art System and its market.

    Considerations aside, it still deserves to be highlighted as many of the interviewed gallery owners have considered a fundamental aspect for artists, collectors and industry players: the importance of a correct method in archiving the artworks.

    Thinking and producing a work is an important part of an artist’s profession, but it is certainly not the only one.

    Paying attention to your Artist’s Archive and following a criterion of order and cataloging is another fundamental component of the same profession, strongly highlighted by gallery owners.

    The inefficiency of an archive not set up according to criteria of order and cataloging causes significant operational difficulties to the entire art supply chain: the artists themselves, the galleries, the collectors, the museums, but also the family members responsible for managing the works to death of the author, they carry a big deficit, sometimes even fiscal.

    A difficulty, this archiving, not negligible and with considerable risks for all, an important reason that has moved the initiative of Art Rights, a platform based on the Blockchain, new digital technology that allows incorruptibility and decentralization of information and encrypted data, coming to guarantee the protection of privacy and security to protect the entire art supply chain.

    The third volume of Art Rights Magazine “The Secrets of Art – MIART Special” is therefore an opportunity to unveil other secrets and to offer a constantly updated picture on many other professional aspects for artists, collectors, professionals and simple enthusiasts.

    Also this time do not miss the chance to discover the secrets of art!

    The objective of the Art Rights eBook “The Secrets of ART” is to become a useful tool to tell the work of the selected galleries, creating an added value aimed at deepening the knowledge of the dynamics that regulate the art market.

    Whether you are an artist or a collector, discover the secrets of the art world and assert your role!

    Do not miss the chance to discover the secrets of the volume III, download the third eBook for FREE, we only ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, if you were already registered, then you received it before the others in your email

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