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    Discover the secrets of the most important national and international gallerists to discover how they select their photographers, what features they seek in an artist and moreover what mistakes they must not make to have a future in the world of artistic photography. 

    With the first volume  we have collected the testimonies of a selected group of important galleries that have answered our questions during the last edition of Arte Fiera Bologna.

    Their personal stories lead to understand the fundamental role that the gallerists  play in the thrive of artists and collectors

    This time we took the opportunity of the eighth edition of MIA Photo Fair in Milan, addressing our questions to national and international gallery owners, who work in close contact with art photographers.

    The result is an extraordinary insight into the world of photography collected in the second volume of Art Rights Magazine, with the title: “The Secrets of Art – Photography Special”.

    Today we live in an extremely competitive world, where anyone with a state-of-the-art smartphone “believes” to be potentially a professional photographer.

    On the other hand, being a narrator of “images born of light” turns out to be much more complicated.

    In 2017, the interest in the art photography market grew by 54% compared to 2016, as reported by the most recent data from Art Tactic.

    However, given the nowadays hyper-production of images, where social networks play an important role in promotion, it is always very hard for artists to thrive and build a solid career.

    Equally difficult is the path for collectors, for whom recognising a good photographer is not only a matter of instinct and taste, but also of attention to details, to the project, to the visual and mental perspective of the photographer.

    The survey has closely involved the art system, which despite its complexity and need for evolution, also through the use of new technologies, requires more awareness from artists and collectors regarding the importance of the roles of the operators in the sector such as gallerists or curators, who are true certifiers of quality.

    The answers of the selected galleries has allowed us to outline a very clear framework, where the keywords are: technical ability, recognisability, research and errors.

    If for all those interviewed the technical quality of art photographers and consequently the choice of the materials must be very high, recognisability must be equally strong.

    This is the so-called “signature” of the shots, which makes the artist and therefore the works absolutely unique and almost familiar in the eyes of collectors.

    Great attention is paid to research, which by all accounts must not stop after facing a temporary success of a project, should instead be constantly in motion to generate professional artistic growth.

    It has been interesting to point out the consideration given by gallery owners to the errors of artists: in most cases they are considered fundamental in order to consciously continue their career.

    As always, the importance of the human side of the artist is stressed: it is undeniable that a solid relationship and collaboration with a gallery is vital for the author’s future.

    Once again, do not miss the chance to discover the secrets of art!

    The goal of the Art Rights eBook “The Secrets of ART” is to become a useful tool to narrate the work of the selected galleries, an added value to increase the knowledge of the tends of the art market.

    Whether you are an artist or a collector,  unlock the secrets of the art world and to assert your role!

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