Boosta presents the NFT “Music Is Art” project

    News from the digital and NFT world – 10 JUNE 2021

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    Boosta presents the NFT “Music Is Art” project

    Subsonica musician launched audiovisual works in collaboration with Croatian artist Danijel Žeželj

    Boosta was among the first experimenters of NFT in music : the keyboardist of Subsonica launched the “Music Is Art” project in collaboration with the Croatian artist Danijel Žežel and the startup Genuino.

    A series of NFT audiovisual works launched on June 5 on the Makersplace platform , where users can purchase one of the five video contents (with compositions by Boosta and illustrations by Danijel, which together will compose the unpublished “Magic Square of Mars musical” ) , one of the artist’s five illustrations and a “Masterpiece” (Boosta’s musical manifesto that contains the concept of this entire project).

    Those who purchase the audiovisual content or the masterpiece will be able to participate in a live performance of the two artists, between music and illustration.

    In addition to the NFT illustration, the buyer will also receive the physical version of Danijel Žeželj’s artwork .

    You can buy the NFT with a credit card or cryptocurrency Ethereum .

    But what is the goal of “Music is Art” ?

    Thanks to this project it is possible to make art and music truly accessible : this type of diffusion returns a concrete value to music and to the artist who can establish a more direct and authentic bond with the public.

    In addition, the decision to associate the works with new sound experiences was born from the desire to reward the choice and purchase of the creations, says Boosta to Billboard .

    “This intimate bond gives new value to music and moves away from mere consumption. Another fundamental aspect that this system supports is to re-educate the listener to listen to music less distracted and more accurate, to choose the music that you really want to listen to ”.


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