Bright Festival 2021


    The all-Italian festival that promotes digital creativity and takes stock of new generations of art professionals, with an eye on Digital Art, Crypto and NFT.

    In such uncertain times, creativity seems to be the way to reflect on the world to come.

    The world of Art and Culture is made up of millions of operators who are approaching and trying to adapt to the digital change still underway; but the new generations?

    Professional disorientation and fears about one’s future are growing, which is why young people and students enter the working world, often without knowing the emerging professions – especially those related to digital – or without being able to pick up the signals of a constantly changing world of work.

    Based on this reflection and on the difficult period we are facing, Bright Festival, a cultural event that promotes and enhances digital creativity through training and entertainment activities on issues related to digital art, lighting design and electronic music has promoted on the Bright Educational platform its first Online Edition with the theme “Bright Workers: professions of the future”.

    Three days of online panels including lectures, webinars, talks and meetings inviting representatives of some of the most established companies in the digital creative sector to express themselves on the most current issues of digital transformation.

    On April 23, 2021, the panel “Digital Art, Crypto and NFT: a new world to discover” was held in collaboration with Art Rights, where Andrea Concas – Art Tech Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Art Rights – moderated the dialogue with Joey Camacho – Co-Founder of AvantForm and Crypto Artist known as “Raw & Rendered” – and Kyle Szostek – 3D Artist and Animator known as “Simulation Lab” – both international representatives of the Crypto Art and NFT sector.

    Together they talked to discover the new scenarios and opportunities that are changing the world of digital creativity, with stimulating economic and artistic implications, starting from the date that has now become a symbol of Crypto Mania: 11 March 2021 when the work “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” by artist Beeple is auctioned by Christie’s for over $ 69 million.

    There followed a series of collaborations between the great artists of the “traditional” world of art with the large NFT sales platforms: Damien Hirst with PALM, Takashi Murakami and OPEN SEA, Urs Fischer and MakerPlace.

    Photo Credits: Monday’s by Simulation Lab

    From that moment everything has changed and is still in progress: what will be the implications of this change for the art system and market as we know it?


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