Bulova enters the Metaverse with D-CAVE

    Bulova enters the Metaverse with D-CAVE

    When electronic and quartz watches began growing in popularity throughout the late 70’s and 80’s, Bulova responded to the increasing demand for digital timekeepers with a line of watches featuring digital LCD time displays, and eventually releasing the all-digital Computron LED. With its very unconventional and futuristic trapezoidal case with LED display on the side, one of the most iconic digital watches of all time was born.

    Though today’s digitally native audience is fascinated with everything OG, it was not around when the original Computron took the market by storm. Hence Bulova’s partnership with D-CAVE, the lifestyle metaverse marketplace for the new digitally minded community, to develop two new Computron LED watches including one Special Edition version. 

    The Computron was reinterpreted for D-CAVE evolving its original design by adding visual concepts inspired by the gaming world, and will be launched embracing the full spectra of the metaverse, endorsed by the world’s top gamers and presented in a dedicated space in Decentraland. 

    Users will be able to have access to the physical watch through a unique NFT drop that will grant several other utilities, a wearable version to use on their avatars in Decentraland, and access to all future NFT drops of D-CAVE.

    “For over 145 years, Bulova has been about innovating and exploring new worlds,” says Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “Through our partnership with D-CAVE and the iconic Computron, Bulova interfaces with the metaverse and the gaming universe, allowing us to reach new consumers and opportunities.”

    Stefano Rosso, Founder and CEO of D-CAVE states, “We are very excited to have the opportunity to work on an iconic item like Bulova’s Computron and re-interpret it in a futuristic way, bridging the original physical item to its new virtual version. Metaverse is not a trend, it is a new way of living. Our physical life is and will be more and more integrated with our digital life. And as in real life we want to express who we are also through the brands we love, the same will happen in the metaverse.”

    Bulova’s new Computron D-CAVE watches are the ultimate accessories for gamers and enthusiasts alike. The iconic design is inspired by the gaming culture and features a sleek black IP stainless steel case with luminous green accents on a black silicone strap with 3-piece buckle and a green LED time display with dual time zone capabilities. 

    Priced at $450.

    The Special Edition version features an exhibition mineral crystal case top that showcases the technology’s circuit board. The design is finished with an acid etched sidewall detail inspired by computer towers and features a sleek black IP stainless steel case and matching bracelet with a green LED time display with dual time zone capabilities. It will be available only for the NFT owners. 

    Both watches are presented in a custom box with D-CAVE design elements, featuring a QR Code that will guide users to the dedicated Bulova-D-CAVE space on Decentraland.

    On March 24th, 2022 will be releasing the limited edition D-CAVE x Bulova Computron ‘Special’ edition. The watch, produced in partnership with Bulova, will only be available for purchase of the D-CAVE x Bulova Computron NFT on the minting page at www.dcave.com starting 2PM EST – 7PM CET. A total of 1,000 D-CAVE x Bulova Computron NFTs will be minted, the first 500 will be available at .5 ETH, and after the first 500 NFTs have sold the price will increase to .75 ETH. 

    The NFTs will be available to all, first come, first serve. 

    NFT holders will be granted ownership of the limited edition Computron ‘Special’ edition NFT token, the ability to claim the physical ’Special’ edition D-CAVE x Bulova Computron watch, and access to an exclusive wearable version of the watch which boasts a first-of-its-kind  interactive feature.

    How to Purchase

    The D-CAVE x Bulova Computron will only be available through purchase of the NFT on the official D-CAVE minting site www.dcave.com 

    How to Claim Psychical

    The psychical version of the  D-CAVE x Bulova Computron watch can be claimed at any point after the launch of the Sale.  D-CAVE x Bulova will be providing a Link to the Claim page before the Day-of-Sale where user’s will be able to verify their ownership of the token and insert their shipping address. Users WILL NOT have to pay shipping on the watch

    Wearable Airdrop 

    Following the sale of the NFT,  D-CAVE x Bulova will be taking a Snapshot of all NFT Holders addresses.  

    This will begin the process of Airdropping the Decentraland Wearable version of the D-CAVE x Bulova Computron watch.  D-CAVE x Bulova will be providing exact information regarding the snap shot and Airdrop before the launch of the NFT.

    About D-CAVE

    D-CAVE is the community place for the digital culture savvy, aiming to become the reference lifestyle space for the new Web 3.0 audience, a digital-only space, a consumer marketplace of digital and physical wearables. D-CAVE also provides services as an agency, connecting the metaverse, gaming, fashion and entertainment worlds. For more information, visit www.dcave.com

    Photo Credits: D-CAVE


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