CharityStars opens up to the world of NFTs for charity

    CharityStars opens up to the world of NFTs for charity

    After selling a digital work for $ 63,000, the charity platform opens a new section dedicated to NFTs

    The European online charity fundraising platform CharityStars has recently entered the NFT market.

    C”CharityStars has always been a keen observer of everything that, thanks to technological innovation, can help expand our possibilities of offering our partners new ways of fundraising to support their charitable projects.” – explains Domenico Gravagno, Chief Executive Officer of CharityStars.

    The new section, dedicated to the works of the most important NFT artists, was born after having auctioned a digital work for 63,000 dollars.

    This is Rebirth # 19/100, by the American graphic designer and digital artist Beeple, best known for having sold his work Everydays: The First 5000 Days, auctioned by Christie’s for 69.3 million dollars in March. 2021.

    His work sold by CharityStars is part of “BEEPLE: SPRING / SUMMER COLLECTION 2021”: a release of eleven works available in multiple editions, some even in 100 copies.

    Part of the proceeds from the sale were donated to Adopt The Arts: a US non-profit association founded by Matt Sorum, former drummer of Guns N ‘Roses and Velvet Revolver, Abby Berman, entrepreneur and activist, and actress Jane Lynch , following substantial cuts in funding for arts and music education in elementary schools in Los Angeles.

    After this first success, CharityStars is ready to bet on NFTs again.

    Among the next lots, the NFT is part of Damien Hirst’s The Currency project – the # 1243 Say Hello to everybody – which starts with an auction base of € 25,000; or the Bored Ape Kennel Club # 5737 with a starting price of € 15,000 and which is part of the successful Bored Ape series of bored monkeys by Yuga Labs.

    Photo Credits:”REBIRTH” 19/100 NFT by Beeple, courtesy of CharityStars


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