Beeple returns to Christie’s and sells a work for $ 28,985,000

    News from the digital and NFT world – 10 NOVEMBER 2021

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    Beeple returns to Christie’s and sells a work for $ 28,985,000

    Christie’s 21st Century evening auction recently concluded, during which the hybrid artwork by well-known digital artist Beeple was sold for $ 28,985,000, exceeding the estimated estimate of $ 15 million.

    HUMAN ONE is a video-sculpture between physical and digital in the shape of a monolithic prism, where on each side there are LED screens that reproduce films of a lone astronaut walking in an extraterrestrial environment strewn with oversized Pop icons in true Beeple style .

    The artist will maintain a solid contact with the work and the collector: for the rest of his life, in fact, he will be able to adjust and modify the videos transmitted by the screens of the work, to comment on world events in real time.

    “The design of HUMAN ONE allows the video in both the physical object and its NFT to be remotely and seamlessly edited from the blockchain, allowing the message and meaning of this piece to continue to evolve beyond the course of my life. Beeple said.

    What will be the next surprises of the Crypto universe?

    Photo Credits: Courtesy of Christie’s


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