Coachella enters the NFT World

    Coachella enters the NFT World

    Alcuni NFT della collezione garantiranno l’accesso a vita all’evento musicale più importante d’America.

    The Coachella festival launched its NFT project in collaboration with FTX US. The series consists of 3 different types of tokens, including 10 Keys Collection that will allow holders forever access to the coolest musical event in the world.

    NFT owners will receive passes to Coachella every year, in addition to various accesses to the digital experiences of the same festival, the official website states.

    Courtesy Coachella Festival

    While the price for these 10 Keys is not yet known, the other two tokens offered for sale by the festival have prices starting from $ 60 to $ 180 for a token made in collaboration with Emek.

    It is not surprising that the Coachella Festival has fully entered the world of NFTs, in fact, in November 2021, the company that owns the festival renamed the Staples Center in Arena.

    Courtesy Coachella e FTX US

    The organization of the Coachella Festival has also announced that secondary sales will contribute to the increase in royalties for all creatives involved in the creation of one of the most acclaimed artistic events in the world.


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