COLDIE for The NFT MAGAZINE: the great OG artist on the second collectible cover

    COLDIE for The NFT MAGAZINE: the great OG artist on the second collectible cover

    Chosen by the community of The NFT Magazine Readers Club, the second issue is ready for the next drop on December 2nd with Coldie on the cover.

    It is only a few hours ago that the protagonist of the cover #02 of The NFT Magazine was announced, the first magazine to read and collect in Ethereum, sold out in a few hours from its launch: after HACKATAO, it is the turn of the great OG artist COLDIE.

    Coldie – among the crypto artists most appreciated by collectors – was chosen by the Readers Club, the community of readers of the magazine who, thanks to the collection of the first issue of the magazine, have the right to vote on the topics proposed for the magazine and on the choice of the cover artist.

    The great success of the first issue, which sold out last November 2, and dedicated to NFT Artists, guaranteed the necessary attention to a project that aims to bring innovation in the publishing field and more information on the crypto world.

    Who is Coldie? 

    Coldie is an award-winning mixed media artist whose stereoscopic 3D art has been featured in national juried art exhibitions, major cryptocurrency events, and live auctions.

    His blockchain themed artwork including the ‘Decentral Eyes’ portrait series gives a personalized visual representation of the disruptive industry. Buyers of his 3D art can redeem a free pair of 3D glasses from the artist for 3D depth experience

    The main work of the cover of The NFT Magazine is “Warren Buffett – Decentral Eyes – Variant 04” emblematic of his artistic research.


    The magazine team also unveiled the theme that will be at the center of this second issue, whose drop is set for December 2 at 6pm; these are the Collectibles, digital collectible objects of any nature: cards, weareable, fan tokens and much more.

    Among the rankings will be presented the analyzes of the 25 most famous collectible projects and still growing strongly on the market today, important interviews with the major players and gatekeepers without forgetting the insights on gas fees, collection management tools and much more.


    For this new drop, the number of NFTs rises to 700 with distribution and sale at different times marked by priority access to the whitelist of holders who are part of the Readers Club, readers who have purchased the first issue of The NFT Magazine, followed by the pre-sale for the community present on Discord and Telegram and subsequently the public drop.

    Starting price for all 0.05ETH, different gas fees, but with the possibility of buying also in FIAT currency such as euros and dollars directly from the website

    Unsold copies will also be burned to ensure the rarity of the NFTs.

    The appointment for the drop is therefore for 2 December at 6 pm on OpenSea.


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