Collecting NFTs at Christmas

    Collecting NFT at Christmas

    For Christmas, a gift of the NFT work by the artist Alessio Tommasetti. For Crypto Art lovers and enthusiasts, an innovative and free gift to collect by December 27.

    This year Christmas is even more special: Art Rights, D’arc Studio, Studio Legale Simbula and Artuu Magazine have collaborated with the artist Alessio Tommasetti to create an NFT to give to all fans of the Crypto world! 

    To get it for free, simply fill out the form by December 27, 2021 by entering your email address and Wallet ETH. Once done, the free NFT will be sent directly to the Wallet provided via Airdrop by January 7, 2022.


    Isometric Pulse by Alessio Tommasetti

    Alessio Tommasetti’s work is entitled Isometric Pulse, a 5-second video that explores the theme of time through a succession of white lines moving in a red space. This is how the artist describes the work: “Time is a cycle. Life is a cycle. Each breath is a step towards a new project, a new experiment. The isometric viewpoint gives artists both a flattened 2D control and a universal 3D connection to the future. Don’t stop creating. Don’t stop the search. Don’t stop breathing.” 


    Alessio Tommasetti graduated in 2003 in Architecture, qualified in 2004. PHD in Sciences of Representation and Relief in 2008. Contract Professor at the cdl in Architecture, University “Sapienza” of Rome. Lecturer at IED, FASHION and INDUSTRIAL section, since 2005.

    Founder, partner and head of Studio D’Arc, a design studio that addresses all aspects of sustainability from concept through production. Since 2015 he has been an Ambassador for Wacom.

    Founder and partner of the startup SHAPEUP Italy, awarded by Lazio Innova, for digitization and rapid prototyping in the Fashion world, 2016.

    He works in Design, Architecture, Product Design, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, Accessory Design, Robotics and Bionics, Exhibit, Rapid Prototyping, CGI, Classic and Digital Animation, Preproduction and Visualization, Video Production and Compositing, Special Fx and Indie Digital Comics.

    How about you? Start collecting NFT!


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