Collector Amir Soleymani sues Nifty Gateway

    Collector Amir Soleymani sues Nifty Gatewaymani fa causa a Nifty Gateway

    Art collector Amir Soleymani has decided to sue the well-known Nifty Gateway marketplace following an unusual Beeple auction that ended in May.

    During the sale Solyemani – known as mondoir – participated in a head-to-head with two other bidders to win Abundance, the protagonist work of the auction, which was bought for 1.2 million dollars from what documents attest to be the best bidder, Ethereum co-founder Taylor Gerring (username tgerring).

    After the burning defeat, Soleyemani discovered that the remaining 99 best bidders could have obtained another edition of the work by paying the amount proposed during the auction.

    “Imagine making a bid to win an item, finishing in second place and getting almost the same thing that the third bidder gets, but with a significant difference in the bid amount,” says Soleymani, who was asked to pay $ 650,000 “This auction method maximizes revenue for the platform and artists, but is bad for collectors.”

    Soleymani then refused to pay and the platform decided to block his account and access to his assets, around 100 NFTs.

    This provision was not frowned upon by the collector, who thus initiated legal proceedings both in the United Kingdom and in the United States, the registered office of the marketplace.

    Amir Soleymani claims to have made an offer “with the intention of acquiring the original artwork offered for sale in the auction and not the third or any other edition thereof”, adding that the terms of the auction format adopted by Nifty Gateway are “unfair”.

    The British case, filed with the High Court, argues that the conditions of sale signed in February by the collector were changed in April and that the rules and procedures of the classified auction were not correctly communicated to the bidders before the sale.

    What will Nifty Gateway’s response be?


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