NFT Collectors


    Paris Hilton and the NFT trend

    Paris Hilton, the world's most famous heiress, launches and sells her own collection of NFT works.

    Who is collector Justin Sun and why he created an NFT of a work by Pablo Picasso

    Let's find out who Justin Sun is, the collector who aims to create a fund of works of art registered as NFT: the first is by Picasso.

    Collecting NFT: create your wallet on Metamask

    If you want to start collecting Crypto Art and NFT, the time has come to create your wallet: let's find out how with MetaMask

    The identity of Metakovan, the collector who bought Beeple’s record work, has been revealed

    His name is Vignesh Sundaresan and he is the collector who bought Beeple's first record-breaking NFT work from Christie's

    Who bought Beeple’s work at Christie’s? Metakovan! by Andrea Concas

    La vendita dell'opera dell’artista digitale Beeple, per 69 milioni da Christie's cambia gli scenari del mondo dell'arte, scopriamo perché

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