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    The NFT Magazine 2023: news for the collector’s monthly

    The NFT Magazine evolve grazie al doppio DROP su Nifty Gateway che prevede anche una speciale CRYPTO ART MONOGRAPH

    Stars who collect NFT

    The most important stars on the planet are increasingly involved in the world and in the NFT market, causing project prices to rise.

    The NFT collection by Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg has recently revealed that he is the face behind the Twitter character Cozomo de 'Medici, collector of Crypto Arte

    Collector Amir Soleymani sues Nifty Gateway

    Art collector Amir Soleymani sued Nifty Gateway following an unusual Beeple auction that ended in May.

    La collezionista Umberta Gnutti Beretta commissiona NFT a Michael La Burt su SuperRare.

    Protagonisti sono la “Royal Family” delle armi da fuoco - I Beretta - con la grande collezionista d’arte Umberta Gnutti

    Justin Sun wins Warhol’s NFT artwork for $ 2.8 million

    The collector and founder of Tron Justin Sun has been awarded the NFT work "Three Self-Portraits" by Warhol

    5 Great Crypto Art Collectors

    Over the last year, many collectors have joined the universe of Crypto Art, let's discover the most important ones together!

    Paris Hilton and the NFT trend

    Paris Hilton, the world's most famous heiress, launches and sells her own collection of NFT works.

    Who is collector Justin Sun and why he created an NFT of a work by Pablo Picasso

    Let's find out who Justin Sun is, the collector who aims to create a fund of works of art registered as NFT: the first is by Picasso.

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