Creating the Digital Strategy for Museums

    Creating the Digital Strategy for Museums

    For a museum, having a digital strategy is key to communicating on the web effectively, and combining the physical with the online

    During the long period of closure and still today, Museums have understood that implementing a specific digital strategy, supported by professionals, can become decisive in overcoming this difficult phase of dialogue with their public of visitors. 

    Digital Strategy means the strategic design of a plan with which we define, in every detail, our presence in the digital world, following a set of guidelines and actions that can be defined according to the objectives and the context in which we will operate.

    In the world of art, there are and intervene unique peculiarities of the sector, which must be compulsorily taken into account when planning, creative elaboration, text writing, positioning, storytelling and digital communication.

    When a museum decides to operate online, after having identified targets and objectives, it must necessarily design an effective strategy to communicate on the web and achieve its goals online.

    The general objective of an art museum is to valorize the permanent collection, to promote exhibition programming or projects that attract the attention of the museum’s visiting public. Enhancing means making art usable and accessible to a more or less vast and heterogeneous public, with a careful path, both visual and descriptive, cultural and social, to highlight the qualities of art, allowing the user to expand his knowledge. 

    Having a digital strategy does not only mean having social profiles and a website, but it becomes important to learn how to manage them in the best possible way, selecting the right channels to reach visitors and art lovers.

    To be able to do this, we need to start from a fixed point: the quality of content, consistency, analysis and continuous corrective and improvement actions are the key to success in digital, even for the world of art museums. 

    Among the channels available to museums to be able to communicate on the web are: 

    • Direct: to create interactions with your audience through interviews or events;
    • Webinars: to create in-depth insights and art lessons through e-learning platforms;
    • Podcasts: to tell the story of the collection in a smarter way;
    • Video: as social content or to promote your institution;
    • Newsletter: to keep your audience updated with the latest news.
    • Blog/news: with focus on specific topics, news and events;
    • Virtual tour: to make the collection accessible online and at a distance;
    • E-commerce: to purchase tickets or bookshop items directly from the website;
    • Website: structured specifically for the art world and constantly updated.
    • Social Network: among the most used there are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and last but not least TikTok, for each of them the strategy of use differs depending on the objectives

    Today is the right and no longer postponable moment for museums to structure themselves with a greater digital presence and offer for the fruition, valorization and management of cultural heritage

    In order to combine digital and physical and improve the quality of online content, it will be essential to employ qualified personnel who can guarantee digital projects and strategies.

    The Art Rights Art Concierge offers a great opportunity to get in touch with the largest Community of Art Professionals, able to offer services and advice to structure the digital strategy of a museum to value its permanent art collection.

    How about you, are you ready to create a digital strategy for a museum?

    Photo Credits: Museo del Novecento

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