Digital is changing the management of art collections

    Digital is changing the management of art collections

    What are the advantages for collectors of starting to manage their art collection with the support of new technologies?

    Here are the 4 main advantages

    Collecting works of art is a disruptive passion, in constant growth and evolution, which has not subsided even in a pandemic era. But with the advent of digital in support of art, the management of works and collections is also updated, especially for the more attentive collecting and in particular that of Millennials, which is increasingly gaining ground in the system and in the market and is at the search for immediacy, safety and innovation for the management of their collections.

    Let’s find out what are the main advantages that digital offers for the management, protection and enhancement of your collection!

    1.Ease of entering information

    Accessibility and ease of use is the main element that determines the success of a management software for art. The new digital platforms are designed with the aim of offering collectors greater ease of use. No more complex and antiquated systems, then. You can access your collection at any time – via PC, tablet and smartphone. As with Art Rights, where thanks to the ART MANAGER service it is possible to enter all the information on the works in a simple and immediate way for over 200 fields of compilation ranging from the main information on the work, to the Condition Report up to the Economic Information or on the specifications of transport and handling. This allows you to have at your fingertips all the fundamental information relating to the works, without the risk of data loss or any limitations.

    2.Information at your fingertips and quick contact with professionals

    The digital and orderly management of information on the works allows you to make contact with specific services quicker and faster, such as consulting industry experts and sharing the documentation necessary for the sale or loan of the works, all with a simple click. Thanks to the ART CONCIERGE service offered on Art Rights, getting in touch with the best professionals in art services has never been easier: by selecting one or more works from the Art Manager, you can contact the professional for advice or requests for a quote by sharing the Work of Art Passport created on the platform securely and in total privacy.

    3.Digital archiving

    Physical archives are no longer enough to preserve one’s works. It is known that the material dimension of the work is in constant danger, due to possible fires, floods, humidity and environments with altered temperatures. More and more collectors are approaching the technological systems for managing works to digitize them and thus make them safe from damage. For this reason, the Art Rights platform allows, through the Passport of the work, to record all the information on individual objects for quick sharing of the technical specifications with the insurance company in the event of a claim. 

    4.Security protocol for the exchange of information 

    One of the major concerns of collectors concerns the security of the data of the works placed on a digital platform. New technologies at the service of art are able to drastically reduce the risk of data loss or theft, thanks to rigid security protocols such as Blockchain technology, in favor of solving problems concerning provenance, price manipulation and lack of transparency of information on works of art.

    Art Rights, thanks to an innovative legal system compliant with the Copyright Law with Verified Users and certain date with Blockchain technology, becomes a secure standard for the exchange of information.

    And you, are you ready to innovate the management of your art collection?


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