Discovering Palm, the platform environmentally friendly that sells NFT

    Discovering Palm, the platform environmentally friendly that sells NFT

    The sustainable NFT ecosystem for culture and creativity

    The NFT revolution has effectively overwhelmed the art market. In fact, in recent months, artists and collectors have stormed the main platforms for the sale and purchase of Crypto Art works, such as the well-known OpenSea, Nifty Gateway and Rarible.

    The creation processes of NFTs are based on blockchain technology, which on the one hand has the merit of offering guarantees on the ownership and authenticity of the work, but on the other requires high energy consumption and impact from an environmental point of view.

    And here comes Palm, a new ecosystem connected to Ethereum that promises energy efficiency 99% higher than competing platforms. Several partners from the cryptographic world collaborated in the realization of the project, such as Uniswap, $ MEME, Nifty’s, Protocol Labs, MetaMask and Infura. In addition to providing environmental benefits, the platform offers itself as a support for artists and creators through low gas costs and the speed of transactions.

    “I am thrilled to collaborate with Joe, Dan, Joseph and the ConsenSys and Heni teams on this endeavor” – says David Heyman, one of the founders of Palm – “Through Palm NFT Studio, we are eager to collaborate, build and experiment with artists, platforms and intellectual property owners to demonstrate what makes this new format possible and help create an exciting new ecosystem for content creators. “

    The debut of the marketplace took place with the launch of the project The Currency by blue-chip artist Damien Hirst, a collection consisting of 10,000 works on paper transformed into NFT, a collaboration that certainly intrigued collectors and the entire environment of Crypto Art.

    “We are just starting to scratch the surface of what NFTs mean to creators,” says Dan Heyman, CEO of Palm NFT Studio. “It’s amazing to collaborate with Damien Hirst on The Currency Project, which really demonstrates what NFTs can do. Our hope is that by developing projects like this with artists and creatives, we can empower everyone in the creative business to bring their most powerful works to life. imaginative, access the public directly and transform creative industries in a scalable, fair and efficient way “.

    And you, are you ready to find out all about Palm and NFTs?


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