NFT by Givenchy in collaboration with the Mexican artist Chito

    NFT by Givenchy in collaboration with the Mexican artist Chito

    Under the direction of Creative Director Matthew M. Williams, Givenchy enters digital fashion with a new NFT collection

    Per la seconda volta il duo formato dal direttore creativo di Givenchy Matthew M. Williams e l’artista messicano Chito lavorano insieme alla nuova serie artistica che include 15 NFT con personaggi e simboli aerografati.

    For the second time, the duo formed by Givenchy creative director Matthew M. Williams and Mexican artist Chito are working together on the new art series that includes 15 NFTs with airbrushed characters and symbols.

    “I wanted to explore this exciting new NFT space,” said Matthew M. Williams. “The fact that Chito is already active in the ecosystem made it even more natural for us to collaborate on this limited series and take our collective vision of Givenchy even further.”

    Courtesy Givenchy

    Along with these was also presented a unique series of emblematic garments of the famous fashion house such as T-shirts, jackets and accessories. All elements are characterized by pop-inspired motifs, the typical characters of Chito, such as the dog from his favorite cartoon “Truehearted” and the “4G Heart”.

    Williams confirmed: “Chito was an ideal collaborator because we share that storyline; we speak the same language. Like me, he expresses his distinct visual signatures through one-of-a-kind pieces that give people total freedom to make their creations their personal statement. “

    The NFTs created can be used as PFP – profile images – a phenomenon that originates with the spread of collectibles. Practice that involves the use of one’s NFT avatar as a profile image within social media, first of all Twitter.

    Courtesy press office Givenchy e Chito

    The NFTs of Givenchy and Chito went up for auction on the OpenSea platform on November 23, 2021, generating a volume of 46.1 ETH.

    All the proceeds from the sale were donated to The Ocean Cleanup foundation, which has long been collaborating with the maison, a foundation that works to protect the oceans from the increasingly concrete threat of plastic.

    The fashion house Givenchy is not the only one to have approached the NFT world in recent times: among these also Dolce & Gabbana which created a digital gold dress sold at an auction for one million dollars; or 620 sneakers produced by RTFKT Studios sold for a total of three million dollars in 7 minutes and the Baby Birkin decorated by Mason Rothschild and Eric Ramirez sold for over $ 23,000.

    Courtesy UNXD and DOLCE&GABBANA

    NFTs and fashion are starting to collaborate more and more closely and the numbers do not lie: virtual fashion will not be tangible, but projects are increasingly widespread.


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