Hackatao for Christie’s: the new collaboration that talks about Leonardo and Crypto Art

    News from the digital and NFT world – 15 JUNE 2021

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    Hackatao for Christie’s: the new collaboration that talks about Leonardo and Crypto Art

    Hackatao, a duo of crypto artists active in the world of Crypto Art since 2018, will present an NFT work that will accompany the exceptional sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Bear’s Head”, at Christie’s London auction on 8 July.

    The work was specially commissioned for the occasion and is based on the concept of continuum: the work is made up of a sequence of elements that are imperceptibly different from each other, with only the extremes and well-defined contours. An endless pattern, a curve or a geometric figure in which the bear’s head comes to life, its fur moves and its mouth opens wide until the viewer enters its jaws.

    This work – presented by Christie’s on 3 July on the starting day of Classic Week – will be visible through the Aria AR app and will subsequently be donated to the Museum of Crypto Art

    Noah Davis, specialist in the Post War and Contemporary Art department at Christie’s New York comments: “One can only assume that if Leonardo, the consummate technologist of his time, lived and worked now, he would be absolutely fascinated by the rise of NFT and probably not. would also create his own. This collaboration marks an important moment for crypto-native artists like Hackatao, when their art is exploding at the highest levels of the international art market. It also marks an incredible moment for the Museum of Crypto Art, as this will be the first time that Leonardo’s work has been exhibited in the metaverse. As the old boundaries between lived and virtual experience fade, Christie’s will continue to look for new ways to not stop the fascinating overlap between the two. “


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