Hivearium: the complete NFT and metaverse project by Roberto Giavarini

    Hivearium: the NFT project combining music, digital art, literature and metaverse

    In fact, Hivearium is an NFT and metaverse project born from the idea of a single artist, who both created the virtual works and composed the music, wrote the literary texts and devised all the concepts and organic form of the HIVE MIND metaverse. 

    In 2021, Giavarini formed the Hivearium Cryptoart team of which he is the artistic director, consisting of experts in 3D web design, front-end development, back-end development, marketing and financial consulting.

    How the Hivearium metaverse works

    Every collector who buys a Hivearium NFT will be able to see his or her artwork in the HIVE MIND metaverse, so that he or she will always be an integral part of the project and the community and have visibility for eventual sales. 

    Music is a constitutive part of the project. Giavarini composed Hivearium’s anthem THE HYMN OF BEES and composed 50 instrumental pieces, each a metamorphosis of the initial anthem. From harpsichord to rock to experimental pieces. The anthem can also be heard in the preview trailer. Giavarini recorded the piano version on an imperial Bösendorfer, the most beautiful piano in the world, valued at over 200,000 euros.

    Hivearium: the work made of 3570 NFTs by HIVE MIND MOTHER 

    Hivearium’s NFT project consists of the digitization of the physical work HIVE MIND MOTHER, a painting executed using a mixed technique on panel by Giavarini himself, who fused the techniques of ancient painting with new-generation chemical processes that he himself devised.

    This painting was digitized in very high-resolution 3D and fragmented into 2109 hexagonal-shaped parts, called L.O.D.A, which became 2109 NFTs. 

    An important thing to mention is that the team also intends the physical work of HIVE MIND MOTHER to be sold together with the corresponding NFT.

    Only 50 NFTs out of 2109 will have an embedded QR CODE that will allow the collector to receive another special NFT for free. 

    The Hive Mind metaverse

    The project is even more complex as Giavarini also devised the interactive HIVE MIND metaverse, a synaptic cosmic space in which one can immerse oneself in an exploratory journey to discover all the NFT works, each of which is a metamorphosis of the main work. The metaverse can also be enjoyed in augmented reality (or AR) through a VR 360 visor.

    Art instills a sense of wonder:


    100 works called geoNFT REVELATIONS are geo-referenced, i.e. geolocalized to 100 specific locations on earth and visible through augmented reality. The coordinates are inextricably linked to the respective NFTs and will therefore be immovable from the place where Giavarini has decided to exhibit. Planet Earth thus becomes an immense open-air museum.

    The idea transcends the boundaries of Earth and goes beyond the sky: 

    1 work will follow the route of the international space station so that the astronauts on board can admire it.

    30 works are geolocated at 30 precise points on the Moon.

    1 work is geolocated exactly at the centre of the Sun.

    20 works are geolocated at 20 locations on the planet Mars.

    When mankind reaches the red planet, Hivearium’s works will be there right now waiting for it.

    Hivearium has designed its own planetarium. Using a mobile phone, the position of the space station, the Moon, Mars and the Sun can be identified with extreme precision at any time of day, month and year.

    From there, one can admire the geolocalized NFT works on the celestial bodies. 

    In addition, in the metaverse of HIVE MIND, users will be able to become musicians, creating their own arrangements of the original Hivearium music using the mixer specifically designed by Hivearium Crypto Art and then dropping them as original NFT works in order to create a real community of artists linked to the project.

    by Amelia Tomasicchio


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