Interview with DOTPIGEON at Christie’s auction for “Trespassing”

    Interview with DOTPIGEON at Christie’s auction for “Trespassing”

    Running online until July 21 is Christie’s “Trespassing” auction curated by Ronnie Pirovino, which features among the lots the first sculpture by DOTPIGEON

    These are golden years for artist DOTPIGEON, who rose to prominence for selling NFT works, but with a solid career behind him and a great desire to bring out his artistic research.

    His face is anonymous, but his art is better known than ever, in Italy and abroad. 

    DOTPIGEON has one goal in creating his works: to explore the inner conflict between what we show to others and what we feel inside.

    His works are completely digital with a non-digital approach, and for Christie’s New York auction “Trespassing” curated by Ronnie Pirovino, DOTPIGEON was invited to challenge himself once again: he made a sculpture for the first time.

    It is “The Worst is Yet To Come?“: a resin sculpture painted black and placed on a base with the artist’s signature that reproduces himself, as in all his works, in the act of about to throw a Molotov cocktail.

    The estimate of the work is set between $10,000 and $15,000, but there is time until July 21 to bid starting from an auction base of $10,000.

    We had DOTPIGEON tell us about this first experience with sculpture as a digital artist.

    Preparing for your auction with Christie’s of a sculptural work, the first ever created by you: how do you feel?

    I am very excited, being – for the third time – in a Christie’s curated auction is always a very important milestone and being there with my first ever sculpture amplifies the emotions to the max. 

    I am very pleased with the result of this first experimentation in the sculpture medium, and frankly, I like it so much that I would like it in my home.

    As a digital artist, what was it like for you to approach a medium as novel as sculpture?

    Very long 🙂

    The entire process, from the initial sketches to the finished sculpture, took more than 3 months. 

    Times that are clearly not comparable to what I am used to. 

    It was very challenging but, to see the work-metaphorically speaking-grow, improve, fill in details and arrive, slowly, at what I had in my head, gave me rare satisfaction.

    I do not rule out in the most absolute way approaching sculpture again-in fact, something else, smaller, will come out as early as this year.

    What does “The Worst is Yet To Come” represent for you?

    I started working on the work immediately having returned from my trip to Los Angeles, the war in Ukraine had literally just broken out, Covid cases were beginning to rise again because of the Omicron variant, the economic crisis soared, and then the crypto crash also came. There never seemed to be a limit. Hence the title ‘The Worst is Yet to Come.’ It seems that the universe continually has something in store for us.

    How we decide to deal with this something, whether that molotov cocktail will serve to defend ourselves or attack, is up to us.


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