The Metaverse of Crypto Art Begins on The Nemesis

    The Metaverse of Crypto Art Begins on The Nemesis

    “Crypto Art – Begins”, the first NFT book published by Rizzoli illustrated for Mondadori Electa and Rizzoli New York, which tells the beginning and evolution of Crypto Art with 50 artists among the best of the movement, lands in the Metaverse thanks to The Nemesis.

    In the digital age, between NFT and Metaverse, there is space for “CRYPTO ART – Begins”, a book that represents editorial innovation for the new Phygital libraries, now between print and WEB3.

    “CRYPTO ART – Begins” is an innovative book, which finds its space among the shelves of the best bookstores, bookshops and museums around the world, as well as in the Metaverse, with a virtual reality exhibition on The Nemesis by all the artists involved .

    Thanks to “CRYPTO ART – Begins” the Community meets in the Metaverse to live a unique experience and be part of the change in the Web3.


    The Nemesis is an entertainment platform that combines video games and social networks to offer users more engaging experiences.
    The platform offers the possibility of creating different worlds according to your needs, including those of the world of art


    Thanks to the book “Crypto Art – Begins” the community meets in the Metaverse of The Nemesis to participate in the exhibition featuring the covers of the 50 artists present in the publication edited by Eleonora Brizi.

    Access the “Crypto Art – Begins” HERE


    Innovation does not stop for “CRYPTO ART – Begins”, and for the first time, we offer collectors the opportunity to collect the book exclusively in NFT and receive it before Christmas.

    With the book “CRYPTO ART – Begins” we talked about the exciting beginning and evolution of Crypto Art through the history and works of 50 of the best artists in the world.

    Afterwards, our goal was to support new and talented Crypto Artists.

    For this reason, on the occasion of the second DROP on NIFTY by CRYPTO ART BEGINS, together with the Readers Gallery of The NFT Magazine, we have launched an open CALL for young and visionary Crypto Artists who believe in the future of Web3 and Digital Art.

    Over 60 thousand votes from all over the world to select the 100 finalists who will be present in 5 different drops of “Crypto Art – Begins” Bookstore Edition on Nifty Gateway!

    Only by collecting NFTs for just $ 199 will collectors have the right to receive the library edition directly at hand one year before public distribution, as well as randomly receive another NFT created from one of the 20 cryptocurrencies. artists selected by the public Call.

    Now The NFT Magazine supports collectors with a lottery to draw n. 2 NFT and receive the physical book of “Crypto Art – Begins” for free

    Try your luck BY NOVEMBER 2nd from this link:

    What are you waiting for? Become a collector too and immediately discover “Crypto Art – Begins”


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