Ilan Katin: NFTs in constant evolution

    Ilan Katin: NFTs in constant evolution

    Ilan Katin is one of the 50 artists featured in “CRYPTO ART – Begins”, the first NFT book that tells the history and evolution of Crypto Art

    “CRYPTO ART – Begins” tells the exciting beginnings and evolution of the Crypto Art through the history and work of 50 of the best artists in the world who contributed to its birth and are still an active part of the present and future of its revolution with their projects NFT

    CRYPTO ART – Begins presents Ilan Katin

    Ilan Katin is an illustrator, 2D animator and tech savvy.

    His art reflects his versatility, no work is alike and the creative process is constantly evolving.


    Born in the United States, specifically in a suburb of New York, Ilan Katin still moves with his family as a small child to Israel in a Kibbutz, an independent, closed and cooperative community.

    When he returns to the United States he receives a scholarship to the School of Visual Arts, where he first obtains a degree in Fine Arts and, then, one in Computer Art.

    After developing her skills with hand drawing, Katin begins experimenting with computer drawing. Today he works as an illustrator and with 2D animation.

    Since 2018 he is part of the world of Crypto Art and his works are present on SuperRare and KnownOrigin. Furthermore, he is one of the artists who contributed to DADA.ART.


    NFT works are abstract paintings where shape and color dominate the space of the canvas. The artist is inspired by the free and improvised gesture that unpredictably determines the development of the work.

    Non-figurative production is only part of his work: in fact, animation is a fundamental component of his expressive method.

    “Walk (A) long the Hodl Road” (2020) is an animated NFT in which an anthropomorphic creature called by the artist “Theater Eye” walks through the world of Cryptovoxels – virtual universes of Ethereum – equipped with a chair that carries around the neck and surrounded by a holographic halo of “anger”.

    Ilan Katin builds a story around this animation that tells of virtual creatures that as the first beings explore the crypto reality, which still represents a wasteland devoid of any familiar reference.

    Katin’s production, however, is not limited to animation and abstract compositions. Among his works also appear NFT with a strongly realistic character that only for composition and details deviate from reality.

    The variety of styles that Katin touches through her expressive research demonstrates how she is an artist who masters artistic expression and is not afraid to experiment.


    Eleonora Brizi, curator and founder of Breezy Art , who curated for The NFT Magazine the selection of the 50 artists featured in the book “Crypto Art Begins” writes about Ilan Katin:

    “In my interview with Ilan Katin we also talked about community, a founding concept of the crypto art space. To him it means a group of diverse people who are comfortable with being uncomfortable so that the real work can be done in helping each other evolve as individuals and as a unitary group. “

    What are you waiting for? Find out all about the artists of “Crypto Art – Begins”!


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