Digital Artists


    The new generation of artists is all digital

    Curious, energetic and innovative: they are the guys of Generation Z, increasingly common personalities in the Crypto universe.

    Who is Digital Artist Matt Kane

    Among the crypto digital artists who have seen their popularity grow, there is certainly the American Matt Kane with his Generative Art.

    Mr Doodle launches a collection of NFTs

    Artist Sam Cox, known to all as Mr Doodle, is launching a series of NFT works via the Nifty Gateway marketplace

    First NFT on SuperRare by the hyperrealist artist Dascanio

    The hyperrealist artist Emanuele Dascanio put his first NFT work up for auction on the SuperRare marketplace.

    The drop by artist Edo on the new Spree platform

    The artist Eddie Santana White, known to most by the pseudonym Edo, has recently made his debut in the NFT world on the Spree platform

    Profession Crypto Artist

    Let's find out four tips together to become a Crypto Digital Artist and create your digital artistic career

    Memo Akten: the environmentally conscious digital artist

    Let's discover Memo Akten, the Turkish artist and computer scientist who studied the environmental impact of the NFT market

    Who is Dangiuz: identikit of an Italian Crypto Artist

    Discovering Dangiuz, the stage name of Leopoldo D'Angelo, an Italian crypto artist born in Turin in 1995.

    Crypto Art and Celebrities

    After the Crypto Art universe has established itself and managed to grab everyone's attention, even celebrities want to create their own NFTs.

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