Digital Artists


    Memo Akten: the environmentally conscious digital artist

    Let's discover Memo Akten, the Turkish artist and computer scientist who studied the environmental impact of the NFT market

    Who is Dangiuz: identikit of an Italian Crypto Artist

    Discovering Dangiuz, the stage name of Leopoldo D'Angelo, an Italian crypto artist born in Turin in 1995.

    Crypto Art and Celebrities

    After the Crypto Art universe has established itself and managed to grab everyone's attention, even celebrities want to create their own NFTs.

    Takashi Murakami has released its first NFTs (but the sale is already suspended)

    108 Nintendo-inspired variations of Takashi Murakami's iconic flowers have become NFTs. The offers already exceed $ 200,000.

    Who is the crypto artist Pak

    Pak is a crypto NFT artist active in the world of digital art for more than twenty years, as well as Elon Musk's favorite artist

    Women Crypto Artists

    Scopriamo insieme Decentraland ospita “Graffiti Queens’ Virtual Art Exhibition”, la prima mostra collettiva di sole artiste crypto NFT

    About Beeple

    Beeple is the stage name of Mike Winkelmann, a 39-year-old crypto digital artist, let's discover his story together

    The most famous Italian Crypto NFT Artists: Hackatao by Andrea Concas

    Let's find out together, in this exclusive interview, who are the Hackatao, the pioneers of Crypto Art NFT in Italy.

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