The Metaforum between NFT and Metaverse takes place in Lugano

    The first edition of “Metaforum” will take place in Lugano on June 13th at the LAC museum, where speakers from around the world will talk about NFTs and Metaverse.

    Finlantern, in collaboration with The Cryptonomist, will showcase in Lugano, the first conference that talks about Crypto Art, NFTs and Metaverse.

    The appointment is for all crypto enthusiasts, but also for those who want to extend the most current issues of this sector together with great professionals.

    In addition to a part with the stands for sponsors and partners of the event, Metaforum will have three stages where Italian and international speakers, with personalities perhaps never seen in Europe, will alternate themselves to talk to the crowd. Amongst them, the CEO and co-founder of SuperRare John Crain.

    On the main stage there will be leading names such as Andrea Concas, creator, and founder of The NFT Magazine, and Marco Montemagno influencer and entrepreneur with MontyLab NFT. There will also be moments of attention to legal and fiscal regulations together with Avv. Massimo Simbula and the accountant Stefano Capaccioli.

    Plenty of space will also be dedicated to the Metaverse, with numerous panels that will present the many opportunities for brands, gaming and creative along with exceptional guests such as Alessandro De Grandi, CEO of The Nemesis. 

    The event will last a whole day and will be held at the LAC museum right in front of the lake. A unique location to address contemporary topics such as metaverses, Defi and blockchain as well as Crypto Art and NFTs.

    During the day dedicated to Metaforum also the Crypto Art will be at home, thanks to an exhibition that will put on show the NFTs of some of the most important artists of the art scene such as Skygolpe, Giovanni Motta, Federico Clapis, Dangiuz and many others.

    To attend the event you can use the following discount codes to get 20% off ticket prices:

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