Interview with Matteo Liguigli, Director of Liguigli Fine Arts Service –

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    Interview with Matteo Liguigli, Director of Liguigli Fine Arts Service –

    Five questions to get a preview of the great art professionals, the daily challenges to be faced, the choices that have determined their path in the art system and market, the digital changes and advice for those who want to undertake the same career in collaboration with

    “Son of art”, Matteo Liguigli inherited his passion for art from his father Nino, with whom he began working as a teenager.

    For Matteo, today the young director of the family business, to deal with logistics and transport of works of art, it is necessary to develop technical skills in the field, but above all to know how to orchestrate and work in teams with passion and patience.

    Matteo Liguigli is Director of Liguigli Fine Arts Service which operates with offices in Milan, Florence and Rome, offering packaging, transport, shipping and installation services for works of art.

    The first steps are taken within the family business, alongside its founder, Nino Liguigli, and then take the role of Logistics Manager for the Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition.

    Returning after this experience, Matteo chooses to dedicate himself to the development of the family business, continuing the implementation of activities and the team, supporting Bodies, Museums, Artists, Collectors and Art Galleries.

    1.How did your path in the art world begin?

    This question is easy! I was 15 years old when during the summer holidays I helped my father in the company (ed. Nino Liguigli). In particular I remember the Basel fair, Art Basel, thanks to which I started to become passionate about the works and to understand the beauty and the teachings that this sector could transmit to me.

    2.How would you describe your profession today?

    It is in continuous evolution.

    It is necessary to be competitive and highly specialised, in order to remain in the market and gain the trust of customers, preserving it over time.

    It is important to have a critical eye in the choice of your collaborators, always aiming for excellence, leaving everyone the right space, but at the same time being able to make everything work as a whole. As in an orchestra, where each instrument plays its own score, but in the whole the harmony of unison emerges.

    I’m young and I’m focusing everything on the growth of my company. Thanks to the support of my father, who gave me the foundation and continues to believe in the future of the team.

    3. How has your profession changed over time?

    When I started out, personal contact was fundamental.

    In the nineties the customer was the friend of the friend of the friend. Today you have to prove what you are worth every day by putting your face to it. This is my generation, where professionalism, planning and price must go hand in hand.

    The team of  Liguigli Fine Arts Services at work

    4. What impact is digital having on your sector?

    Huge. I took advantage of the lockdown to update the operating programs.

    I am considering the acquisition of a deposit-related management system that can be managed remotely directly by customers. There are many proposals to evaluate on the market, some of them very valid.

    Track tracing has been implemented and many new features are almost ready to be announced.

    5. What would you suggest to someone who wants to undertake your professional path?

    My work is not learned in books. There are no Masters in this sense either.

    Passion, patience, curiosity, willingness to work in a team. Technicalities, then, are learned over time and in the field.

    Photo credits: Liguigli Fine Arts Services

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