Buying NFT Rocks: Justin Sun has done it

    Buying NFT Rocks: Justin Sun has done it

    The famous Crypto collector has recently purchased an EtherRock for more than $ 500,000

    Paying about $ 500,000 for a rock’s NFT? Justin Sun, Crypto investor, collector and founder of the Tron platform did it.

    More precisely, it is an NFT JPEG clip art, sold a few days before the minimum price of the entire collection exceeded $ 1 million.

    The corpus of images, consisting of 100 EtherRock, comes from a database of royalty-free clip art and the project was inspired by the successful Pet Rock trend of the 70s, which in a few months, after launching in California, made the ‘creator Gary Dahl millionaire.

    Although EtherRocks may seem to have no intrinsic artistic value due to their simplicity and “low resolution”, NFT collector Andrew Kang says that “the ownership of something so utterly useless is a quintessential example of a flex” .

    In light of this, it is no surprise that a Crypto entrepreneur of the caliber of Justin Sun announced on Twitter that he had paid half a million dollars for the illustration of a rock with laser eyes.

    This event underlines how the race for innovation does not show signs of stopping and it is increasingly certain that NFTs are capturing the attention of numerous collectors.

    In fact, according to a recent CNBC survey, almost half of Millennial millionaires – 47% – have at least a quarter of their wealth linked to cryptocurrencies that are invested in various digital assets, among which Crypto Art works stand out.

    And you, are you ready to collect NFT works?


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