Kevin Abosch and experimentation in NFT art

    Kevin Abosch and experimentation in NFT art

    Kevin Abosch is one of the 50 artists featured in “CRYPTO ART – Begins”, the first NFT book that tells the story and evolution of Crypto Art

    “CRYPTO ART – Begins” tells the exciting beginnings and evolution of the Crypto Arte through the history and work of 50 of the best artists in the world who contributed to its birth and are still an active part of the present and future of its revolution with their projects NFT.

    CRYPTO ART – Begins presents Kevin Abosch

    Kevin Abosch is an artist who moves with ease between real and virtual, managing to build a path of success in both dimensions.

    His art is philosophy and spirituality in the direction of criticism and research on human value in contemporary time.


    Kevin Abosch has always been a conceptual artist. His work focuses both on the use of traditional means, and on the use of generative methods such as machine learning and blockchain technology.

    A pioneer of Crypto Art, his artistic practice combines photography, sculpture, film and artificial intelligence.

    His physical works have been exhibited all over the world and his NFT art is a point of reference for the entire digital community.


    The central themes of Kevin Abosch’s production are research into the nature of identity and the value of human life.

    His debut project on the blockchain is “IAMA Coin” (2018), a project between real and virtual that holds the heart of Abosch’s thinking.

    The artist has created 100 physical works, white canvases on which are printed – using the artist’s blood as ink – the identifying numbers of the contract address on Ethereum which corresponds to the creation of 10 million virtual works created for the occasion limited edition.

    Virtual works are standard ERC-20 tokens and those who possess them are free to exchange them, but also to split them up to sell the parts separately.

    The peculiarity of this artistic project is that it is also a philosophical experiment. The concept of human value is investigated using the artist’s identity as an object of study and quantifying its value by observing the market generated around his art.

    “1111 by Kevin Abosch” (2021) is a more recent project that demonstrates the evolution of the artist’s path, raised to a more spiritual level.

    A drop launched on OpenSea that Abosch himself describes as follows: “1111 unique works. Cryptographic alphanumeric writings are sublimated into a linguistic arcane and a deposit of sacred knowledge – the artist’s hexadecimal testimony. “


    Eleonora Brizi, curator and founder of Breezy Art, who curated for The NFT Magazine the selection of the 50 artists featured in the book “Crypto Art Begins” writes about Kevin Abosch:

    “When thinking ahead, Kevin Abosch reflects on how NFTs could vanish from common use. Digital art will be connected to the generalized protocol of those days and the fact that it consists of a non-fungible token will be taken for granted, certainly demonstrable, but nothing that it will make sense to mention right away “.

    What are you waiting for? Find out all about the artists of “Crypto Art – Begins”!


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