Stars who collect NFT

    Stars who collect NFT

    iscovering the great collectors of the star system, who drive real trends with their NFT purchases

    The biggest stars on the planet are increasingly involved in the world and the NFT market, driving up project prices through multi-million dollar acquisitions.

    In showing their entry into the market and the NFT projects of these stars, social networks such as Twitter and then Instagram play a key role, ensuring immediate engagement of the crypto community and influencing entry choices in certain projects.

    Here are the big names of stars who collect NFTs:

    Courtesy Faze Banks


    American video gamer who achieved popularity with videos on Youtube. Having achieved success on the platform, he decided to found his own agency the “Faze Clan” which to date is one of the giants of American e-sports. His NFT portfolio has an estimated value of about $8 million. His main collections include Humanoids, Creature World NFT, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and CloneX.

    Courtesy Surreal NFT


    A professional boxer, he is one of the most followed Vloggers on YouTube. Paul achieved notoriety in the crypto world because his recent defeat in the ring was minted in the form of NFTs. Earlier this year, Jake’s older brother Logan Paul made over $5 million from the sale of NFTs, since then Jake has also become an avid collector.

    His wallet boasts collections such as The League of Sacred Devil, Humanoids or Surreal.

    Courtesy Snopp Dogg via Twitter


    The American rapper is part of the so-called “whale” among the big collectors in the crypto and NFT world.

    He owns one of the largest collections in the world, with a collection estimated at 20 million dollars. A few months ago it was discovered that he is behind the pseudonym Cozomo De Medici, with which he interacts on his Twitter profile. His collection boasts the presence of millionaire projects in the NFT world such as Doodles, BAYAC, Meebits as well as works of Generative Art such as Art Blocks and Chromie Squiggle.

    Courtesy Larva Labs


    An American pop star and entrepreneur, he is an avid art collector who has also gotten into the NFT world. Unlike Snoop Dogg, he doesn’t like to talk about himself or his collection, but his Twitter profile picture speaks for itself: it’s Crypto Punk #6095. He debuted in the NFT world in 2021 with the sale of his album in the form of a non-fungible token through Sotheby’s auction house. 

    Jay-Z has a very quirky collection, he doesn’t follow market trends or the hottest collections, while many of his acquisitions are NFTs that feature physical traits of the rapper.

    And you, what NFT collector do you want to be?


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