LinkedIn for Art


    The social network for art professionals

    With more than 600 million users worldwide, Linkedin is the professional social network par excellence, useful to create your own network in the world of Art.

    Among the users you can find Artists, Gallerists, Curators, Museum Directors, Assistants or Journalists and many other strategic figures.

    When used well, LinkedIn is a great tool for those working in the art world because:

    • It offers the possibility to reach professionals, collectors and key figures of the companies and cultural institutions to get in touch and create possible collaborations;
    • It is possible to network among professionals;
    • It allows you to submit projects to curators, journalists, or museum directors, already categorized by interests and job sector

    On LinkedIn, art professionals create private accounts to be filled out in detail with their skills, not just uploading a simple CV, but sharing their career path and goals achieved.

    Companies, museums, institutions and auction houses, on the other hand, create information pages about their brand, publishing articles, updates or forming private groups to better retain their community. 

    Today, LinkedIn is considered the social networking of quality content, where you can do effective content marketing aimed at an extremely profiled audience.

    For this reason it is necessary to get in touch with users who are really interested not only in your cultural/artistic business, but also in the content you are going to share.

    And that’s not all: LinkedIn groups are great tools for interaction and moderation where you can engage with the community, exchange articles and information, and continuously stimulate discussion. 

    LinkedIn is considered one of the best personal branding and job search tools. That’s why you need to differentiate your content from other social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, giving your profile a more technical and professional edge. 

    Having a good LinkedIn profile is always an investment, especially to increase the Web Reputation but also to create a network attentive to your path and projects.

    That’s why you need to rely on a competent professional who can guide you to an informed and strategic use of LinkedIn, to take full advantage of its every potential.

    Art Rights‘ Art Concierge offers a great opportunity to connect with the largest Community of Art Professionals, who can support you to use LinkedIn professionally and strategically.

    What about you, are you using LinkedIn to raise awareness of your profession in the art world? 

    Photo Credits: Mall Galleries / Federation of British Artists

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