May I love you? The NFT by Emiliano Ponzi and Giuliano Sangiorgi for Valentine’s Day on SuperRare

    May I love you? The NFT by Emiliano Ponzi and Giuliano Sangiorgi for Valentine’s Day on SuperRare

    Emiliano Ponzi, illustrator among the most appreciated and requested at an Italian and international level, and Giuliano Sangiorgi, the voice of Negramaro, worked to create three digital works of art, dedicated to the theme of the kiss.

    The Milanese creative Emiliano Ponzi, who in his career has signed illustrations for newspapers and publishers such as the New York Times, Le Monde, the New Yorker, the moma of New York, Der Spiegel, Penguin Books or Feltrinelli, international brands such as Bulgari, Armani, Lamborghini, Barilla and for the likes of Murakami, this time decided to animate his illustrations, to set them and give them life through the unmistakable voice of Giuliano Sangiorgi of Negramaro.

    Three scenes with a cinematic feel, ephemeral but at the same time perfectly recognizable in the emotions of each one of us.

    The three NFT works are 3 video loops, composed of a refined animated illustration produced by Ponzi and set to music by Sangiorgi, with drop the next 14 February on the marketplace SuperRare specialized in selling unique NFT.


    Emiliano Ponzi is an italian awarded artist, painter and illustrator. He lives between Milan and New York. His works appeared on some of the most prestigious publisher in the world such as the New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, Der Spiegel, Esquire, Penguin Books and others. His illustrations had been hosted in museum of all around the world (Triennale Design  Museum, NY Moma) and along his carreer Emiliano has received numerous honors including the Young Guns Award from the New York Art Directors Club and the coveted Gold Cube from The Art Directors Club of New York. He has won multiple medals of honor (gold and silver) from the Society of Illustrators New York, recognitions from Print, How International Design Award, Communication Arts Illustration Annuals, American Illustration 3×3 Magazine Pro show. He’s considered one of the greatest illustrators of his generation.

    The drop is curated by the journalist and critic Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti, texts and concept are signed by Federico Bottino, author and communication expert, while Andrea Concas and Art Rights, an innovative Italian company and leader in the sector of digital arts and NFT, are supporting and promoting the project.

    Emiliano Ponzi and Giuliano Sangiorgi take us on a journey along the wait for the kiss. Crossing with a glimpse of imagination three moments of sweet hope, three universal expectations that are opposed to the dramatic expectation of farewell. It is by experiencing this tension that fills space and time that people can experience moments of pure happiness. To then consume it in a kiss, experience a moment of happiness, filling the time and space that separates them from their desires.

    Three glimpses of lives, made up of wait and slow movements, of people clinging to the sweet hope of reaching the lips of their beloved, before it’s too late. Or too soon.

    “The moment is about to explode. Before witnessing a real explosion, you can feel it in the air. It attracts towards itself gently. You feel it happening. Suddenly, you realize that, for the first time, you are no longer afraid. ” This work represents the explosive force of the first encounters, the first expectations, young hopes destined to burn. For a while or forever.

    Curtesy Superrare and the artist

    #2 – “The expectation of a revolution makes more noise than the revolution itself. When this happens, it goes away in a flash. It fades into moments of dance, in the light of bodies that are finally free to be love. ” In this work, the artists portray a moment in which love has managed to write the pages of a more just history, which accepts love for what it is: pride in loving and the hope of being loved. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Curtesy Superrare and the artist

    #3 – “The wait does not begin with a kiss but with the desire to meet you again. We have waited too long. How much we desired each other. Now we are here. I feel you.” In this work the artists represent the intimacy of meeting again. The beauty of finding themselves the day after losing each other. To finally feel alive again. United.

    Curtesy Superrare and the artist

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