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    1) Takashi Murakami puts an NFT collection of “Smiley Flowers” on sale

    After the millionaire sale of Beeple and the conversion of Damien Hirst to the NFT phenomenon, Takashi Murakami is ready to get involved in the Crypto Art market

    In fact, the Japanese artist announced in a post on Instagram the realese of his first NFT collection titled “Murakami.Flowers”: on sale on Opensea the works depict the now well-known smiling flowers, a true trademark of Murakami. “#0000 Murakam. Flower,” the first NFT in the series, has already won a bid of 144 Ether (about $260,000), but there are still six days left to see what will happen before the auction closes! 

    2) Superare: monthly data for March published 

    The sales platform Superare has made available the data for the month of March, attesting to an increasingly unstoppable growth! Here are the official numbers: 

    – $29.6 million in monthly volume; 

    – $3.7 million in monthly revenue;

    – 2,609 monthly active collectors; 

    – 3,179 artworks sold;

    – 6.52 ETH average price of a work of art

    3) DC Comics against the use of its characters in NFTs

    The famous comic book publisher DC Comics prohibits the use of its characters in NFT works: Batman, Wonder Woman and all other superheroes of this stable are under the intellectual property of the company, and therefore will no longer be able to appear in any work. 

    In a letter last month sent to professionals employed by the company, Jay Kogan, senior vice president of DC’s legal department, pointed out that it is against agency policy to sell images freely and also made it known that the company already has its own plans to enter the NFT world.

    4) The Weeknd announces an NFT limited edition of music and art 

    Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known by his stage name The Weeknd, is ready to release his first NFT works: on the afternoon of Saturday, April 3, in fact, on the now famous platform Nifty Gateway the multifaceted artist will put on sale one of his unreleased songs and an exclusive collection of art. The first drop will therefore consist in the launch of three original works that present “a filtered segment of the new song”, which, however, will be put on sale in full only later. 

    5) Humanoid robot Sophia sells a self-portrait of herself for a record sum 

    $688,888: that’s how much an anonymous buyer, known only by the pseudonym 888, paid for a decidedly singular self-portrait. No human hand has in fact contributed to the realization of this digital work: it is in fact an NFT piece created by the artificial intelligence of Sophia, a robot created by Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong. “Sophia Instantiation” was executed in collaboration with Italian digital artist Andrea Bonaceto and adds an even more extraordinary piece to the world of Crypto Art that, at this point, would seem to no longer even need human intervention. 

    6) The new Crypto Art phenomenon is called Fewocious and is only 18 years old 

    His fans affectionately call him “Fewo” and he seems to be the new promise of digital art. Fewocious, at just 18 years old, sold on Nifty Gateaway for a whopping $4 million for two NFT works, one in collaboration with musician Two Feet and the other with RTFKT Studios. After a difficult childhood away from his parents and without the necessary support to pursue the career he wanted, Fewocious has finally found the recognition he deserved and to date seems to be the promise on which to bet everything! 

    Photo Credits: Reaching for a Hand to Hold by FEWOCiOUS


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