NFT and animals to collect: collectible projects to discover

    From the most famous Crypto Punks to the works of Hackatao, Giovanni Motta and Beeple through the great success of Axie Infinity, NFTs are conquering the business world, burning any predictable stage and attracting the attention of institutions, such as the New York Times, small and large investors.

    A look at Collectible Tokens

    Although the NFT craze seemed to have faded, after the boom of summer 2020 following the initial trend of the DeFI, now it seems to have returned strongly to the charge above all thanks to the phenomenon of Collectibles.

    Bored Apes, are just the most famous of a series of NFT collections from the revolutionary movement that is leading this century.

    Among the most famous collectibles there are not only Bored Apes Yacht Club, but also the Lazy Lions, the Pugdy Penguins, the CyberKongz not to mention the Weired Whales, Cool Cats NFT, the Doge Pirates and the SupDucks.

    Projects that have common characteristics, from the concept of a limited number collection to the animal theme with traits varying from token to token, up to the possibility of using the token as a well-recognizable Identity within the digital space.

    Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) is a project that was born recently, officially in April 2021 on the Ethereum chain. The collection boasts 10,000 NFT sold out in the first 12 hours of sales opening, an event that allowed BAYC to be positioned in the top positions of OpenSea as one of the collections with the highest trades (now 147,104.08 ETH).

    Founded by 4 members Gargamel, Gordon Goner, Emperor Tomato Ketchup and No Sass the project behind the Bored Apes is much more than a simple ERC-721 whose token can be viewed as a social avatar on Twitter or Discord platforms. Owning an NFT of this kind in your wallet is equivalent to the possibility of accessing the Yacht Club, an exclusive community whose benefits “are proof of longevity”.

    The most current advantage is undoubtedly the channel dedicated to the BATHROOM, a shared artistic space where each user has a pixel (updated every 50 minutes), which starts an artistic social experiment similar to that of the English Alex Tew with his MillionDollarHomepage.

    A “Bored Ape”

    What are Bored Apes?

    The main image portrays a bored monkey whose characteristics vary during the minting procedure, the algorithm used for the generation of the NFT is completely random “fishing” 170 possible traits between expressions, hats, accessories, clothes and backgrounds, making some traits rarer than others.

    Riding the explosion of the digital market, the “swamp” as the BAYC user pool is defined – which is around 5,400 users according to OpenSea – has attracted the interest of characters such as NBA star Stephen Curry (Bored Ape # 7990), The Chainsmokers on whose twitter profile you can see the piece # 7691, the youtuber Logan Paul who owns the Ape # 1442 and # 207 and others known as Gary Vaynerchuk, Roham Gharegozlu, Josh Hart, Tyrese Haliburton and LaMelo Ball.

    Currently, the highest sale in the Bored Apes market is priced at 740 ETH ($ 2,249,881.58) fueling the trading volume at around 151,000ETH.

    Pudgy Penguin #6154

    Pugdy Penguins

    Speaking of collections, it’s impossible not to mention the adorable Pugdy Penguins.

    This series of JPEGs rendered Non Fungible Token is made up of 8,888 “chubby” penguins with characteristic accessories, hats, hairstyles and the most must have mohawak.

    To underline the current trend, the team made up of MrTubby, Micah, Jonah, Cole, Wybo, Hiro, Starker-xp and Ecko at the end of July announced that the collection sold out in just 19 minutes on the OpenSea marketplace.

    Compared to the Bored Apes, the Pugdy Penguins boast fewer trades, reaching 33,000ETH in trading volume and the highest price of the collection: an example is the sample # 6873 sold for 150WETH.

    The project is supported by a solid community, very active on the Twitter channel of 4000 users, where the support between Pengus (owners of a PP) led to the most recent charity auction which ended on 23 August and a donation of $ 75,000 to the association. GLOBAL PENGUIN SOCIETY for the protection of these water birds and their habitat.

    Doge Pound PUPPY #160

    The Doge Pounds

    Born from the famous “Doge” by Elon Musk, The Doge Pounds is a collection of 10,000 NFT that depicts the best known dog of the crypto era and emerges for its use in the gaming world.

    The project provides for the 4,000 owners (currently the number of active users) of Doggos (male Doge) and Doges (female) the possibility of having their dogs “mated” by redeeming puppies to be cared for through food and attention that can be find within the game itself.

    Reaching a capitalization of 11,400 ETH it is in position # 38 in the special OpenSea ranking for volumes achieved thanks to the recent sale of the Doggo # 1584 for 21.88 ETH.

    CyberKong #3553


    If you are a gaming lover, you can’t help but love CyberKongz! These fantastic gorillas with a pixelated style very similar to that of the famous Donkey Kong, are part of a collection of 3,400 gorillas between GenesisKong and BabyKong.

    These, thanks to the partnership with The Sandbox, can participate in the “Kongz Island” a multi-summer metaverse where the avatars use their $ BANANA to buy clothes and equipment in view of their adventure on the island.

    The average price of a Kongz is around 2 ETH for the most common and 43 ETH for the rarer ones, with the exception of the CyberKonz Sith # 1000 sold at a price of 100ETH.

    Weird Whales 786

    Weird Whales

    Another NFT animal project is Weird Whales.

    These pixelated whales have even attracted the attention of the New York Times because they were created by Benyamin Ahmed, a twelve-year-old British enthusiast of programming and Phyton, the software with which he made the drawings.

    His collection boasts around 3,400 designs of which # 784 last sold 7.9 ETH, from which he raised a total of around £ 290,000.

    The case of Benyamin Ahmed underlines the great interest of the new generations for the Crypto and NFT world.

    by Simone Fioroni

    Photo Courtesy: The Doge Pound NFT


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