Profession Crypto Artist

    Profession Crypto Artist

    How to become a Crypto Artist and create your digital art career

    New decentralized markets are ready to welcome young and established digital artists.

    Beeple, Pak, Hackatao, these are just some of the names that are rewriting the history of art, selling their digital works for millions of dollars

    But how do you become a digital artist? Here are some useful tips!

    1) Create your digital artwork

    The first step to being a crypto artist is knowing how to create digital works of art, or works created with the use of computers and software, which can be reproduced on digital media. These can be GIFs, MP4 Videos or simple images, or motion graphics, 3D creations or even real and digitized works. Create your Portfolio that knows how to best tell your digital art.

    2) Certify your Art

    Just as an original painting signed by Picasso must have its Certificate of Authenticity, crypto art can be verified because an NFT Non Fungible Tokens is coined. An NFT is a special token that represents a unique ID linked to a cryptographic artwork that cannot be replicated. The NTF is linked to Blockchain technology and is used to verify the ownership and origin of a work.

    3) Put it up for sale on an ad hoc platform

    Once created and certified, the work is ready to be put on sale. In recent years, many platforms have emerged that allow you to show, sell and buy NFT works. Among the most famous we find OpenSea, but the most desired by artists are Nifty Gateway, SuperRare and Rarible. While some NFT platforms (like SuperRare and Nifty Gateway) currently only accept artists by invitation or application, others (like Rarible) allow any interested creator to start selling in their market.

    4) Become part of a Community

    The phenomenon of Crypto Art is relatively recent and still little known to most. For this reason, one of the objectives of the NFT platforms is the creation of Communities that allow artists, collectors and professionals of the digital world to get in touch, discuss, train and update themselves on new technologies, trends and market developments. The key word of the community is “collaboration” and this spirit is supported by the exclusive concentration on art: artists often remain anonymous or use pseudonyms; gender, ethnicity, social status disappear.

    Among the tools to support artists, including Crypto Artists, we find Art Rights, a platform for the management and certification of works of art through Blockchain technology. Among the services that the platform offers there is also the Art Concierge, the largest community of artists, collectors and professionals in the sector in support of art.

    And you, are you ready to become a Crypto Artist?

    Start certifying, managing and enhancing your art now with Art Rights!


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