Seletti x Absolut Vodka. The new collectible NFT project

    Seletti x Absolut Vodka. The new collectible NFT project

    Seletti x Absolut Vodka. From the encounter between the visionary design brand and the iconic vodka brand, Born To Mix3D NFT Collection was born, the first exclusive NFT collection, the result of a unique collaboration in history.

    Absolut Vodka, the leading brand of premium vodka, which has always stood out for its strong link with art by inviting the most famous artists from all over the world to reinterpret its iconic bottle, joins Seletti, an Italian figurative design company, to give life to the Seletti x Absolut Born To Mix3D NFT Collection.

    The two brands, which share an experimental attitude and openness to the most contemporary contaminations, land together in the ** world of web 3.0 to create an unprecedented collection of Absolut NFTs by Seletti **, a drop of ** 2500 digital works unique** for Absolut lovers, design enthusiasts and NFT collectors.

    Absolut Vodka once again confirms its pioneering ability to expand its horizons and welcome the most current and avant-garde creative forms by overcoming the new frontiers between real and digital, finding in Seletti, famous for the chameleon-like gift of knowing how to transform works of art in everyday objects, the perfect partner.

    From today it is possible to access the Website 3.0 dedicated to the Seletti x Absolut Born to Mix3D project where you can find a preview of the partnership. Starting from April 3, it will then be possible to purchase the Seletti x Absolut NFTs, which – in this first phase – will all have the same mysterious appearance. From April 17, however, each NFT will transform, finally showing the uniqueness of its design. From this date, by accessing their digital wallet on the site, each Seletti x Absolut NFT Owner will discover the identity of their NFT. The collection is in fact made up of four different rarities, one of which is extremely limited. Furthermore, again from 17 April, the exclusive limited edition design object signed by Seletti x Absolut associated with each NFT will also be unveiled. The design item can then be requested from 15 May directly on the site.

    In continuity with the success achieved in 2021 through the campaign on Twitch “We can’t wait to get back together #IRL”, Absolut returns to involve and engage its tech savy community with innovative projects aimed at connecting, once again, real and digital.

    In fact, the Seletti x Absolut Born To Mix3D project aims to convey the values of the Absolut universe that want to create a more inclusive world, where people and ideas can mix in an authentic and fun way in real life as well as in virtual life. Precisely for this purpose, Absolut chooses Web 3.0, the decentralized and equal place par excellence, to welcome the new Born To Mix3D project.

    With this project, the brand adds a further element to the Born To Mix campaign, aimed at creating a set of interconnections between ideas, people and heterogeneous cocktails, extending it together with Seletti to the digital universe and transforming it into Born To Mix3D, to give life to an even more diverse and united world.

    Visit the 3.0 website for more information.


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