An NFT collection of Snoop Dogg and Coldie on SuperRare

    News from the digital and NFT world – DECEMBER 7, 2021

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    An NFT collection of Snoop Dogg and Coldie on SuperRare

    Famed rapper Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Coldie, one of the most highly regarded artists in the Crypto Art scene to bring to life an NFT collection available for purchase on SuperRare

    The digital artist thus continues his Decentral Eyes project, while the singer, as well as contributing his face, has launched a new song for the occasion. 

    Over the past year I have become a collector, creator and collaborator of art on the blockchain. This technology has inspired me to rethink the way I work and release my art into the world. Coldie is a thought leader and I’m a huge fan of what he’s creating, so when he told me about his concept for this portrait I was instantly on board. ” stated Snoop Dogg.

    Instead, Coldie stated that “The opportunity to collaborate with Snoop has been an amazing experience. Bringing our creative minds together in a fun and experimental way checks all the boxes of what I look for in my artistic practice.

    Coldie was recently featured with the artwork “Warren Buffett – Decentral Eyes – Variant 04” on the cover of the second issue of The NFT Magazine, the first international monthly magazine to read and collect about Ethereum. 

    The community of the magazine – the Readers Club – thanks to the possession of the first issue of the magazine, had the incredible opportunity to choose the protagonist of the cover and thus collect a work of the artist.

    Very few copies of The NFT Magazine are still available for purchase on the Opensea marketplace with a base price of 0.05 ETH plus gas fee. 


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