The Crypt: an online museum for NFTs

    The Crypt: an online museum for NFTs

    An interactive platform for digital collectors

    The Crypt, the new museum dedicated to NFTs, opens online on the Virtually World platform, created by Virtually Holdings Ltd, which plans to expand with a shopping center, sports village and arcade.

    The museum was founded by Jonathan Sands, Alex Suchet and Rick Senat and includes digital collections of art, literature, music, photography and cinema. Many of the items are available for NFT collectors, for sale or auction.

    A screenshot of “The Crypt”, Courtesy The Crypt

    Six are the exhibitions with which The Crypt opens to the public: FLASHBACK, Alternate Dimensions, The Making of Heroes, Unseen Histories, Hollywood Greats and One Giant Leap.

    The structure of the museum is typical and realistic: it is composed of an atrium, a large spiral staircase and “natural” light that illuminates the space.

    Visitors can access The Crypt from mobile, on a browser, or they can immerse themselves in the museum via a VR viewer. Group visits are also possible via a private invitation link and with voice chat available.

    The museum’s goal is partly to make NFTs accessible to a wider audience, but Jonathan Sands says The Crypt responds to “a rapidly changing world where creatives are back in the lead” and does so by giving artists a greater control of their work, through dedicated NFT environments and exhibitions, which can act as “creative hubs” for their innovations and visions.


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