The popular Reddit network sells NFTs on OpenSea

    News from the digital and NFT world – 2 JULY 2021

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    Recently, the well-known website Reddit declared that it would officially enter the NFT game.

    This big event was announced by Peter Yang, Reddit Product Lead, who unveiled the first NFTs minted on June 17, designed as cartoon avatars and modeled after the Reddit logo.

    Nicknamed CryptoSnoos, to date there are 3 NFT avatars on sale: Original Block, Helium and Snoopermatic, all available on the OpenSea platform and divided into three categories: “Legendary”, or “one of a kind”, “Rare”, which refers to an “extremely limited edition”, and “Epico”, also known as a “limited edition”.

    Reddit’s goal would therefore be to establish itself in a market that shows no signs of stopping. So what will be the next news in the Crypto world?


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