The first NFT Magazine with a collectible cover is born

    The first NFT Magazine with a collectible cover is born

    The drop is scheduled for November 2, but there is already great anticipation for The NFT Magazine, the first collectible magazine to be read and collected in Ethereum.

    More and more crypto lovers are buying, selling and exchanging NFTs thanks to cryptocurrencies.

    Until now it had been possible to buy NFTs of tweets, highlights of great sporting moments or Crypto Arte: slowly cryptocurrencies are entering more and more people’s lives, now also to read and collect the latest news on this world that runs very fast.

    Today the launch of The NFT Magazine, was announced, the world’s first monthly NFT magazine to collect and read in Ethereum.

    The NFT Magazine will be on sale on Opensea in a limited number of copies.

    The NFT Magazine

    The monthly will be published in 12 “collectible” issues in the form of NFT, with exclusive rankings of the biggest players in the crypto world, market trends, interviews and advice from industry experts.

    Each cover of The NFT Magazine will be created in collaboration with the major international crypto artists, becoming itself an NFT to collect and exchange.

    Only NFT holders will be able to access the exclusive “Readers CLUB” where it will be possible to read the magazine online and actively participate in the decisions of the editorial staff for the creation of the next issue.

    An innovative participatory system for the Community which, among the benefits, will allow access to exclusive content, meetings with artists and professionals, events, dedicated pre-sales and much more.

    Each month in the Magazine there will be analyzes, reports and specials dedicated to the themes of Digital and Crypto Art, NFTs, collectibles, cryptocurrencies, fintech and blockchain.

    The first release is scheduled for November 2, 2021 on the website and distributed on in a limited edition of only 500 copies at the price of 0.05 Ethereum and in pre-sale for the community of 0.03 ETH.

    From the next issue each month, the edition will increase by 200 copies and will be on sale for a limited period of time; at the end, any remaining copies will be burned in favor of the rarity of the collectible.

    A real “Collectibles Magazine” is born, with the greatest crypto artists, collectors, NFT projects, platforms and market insiders inside and on the cover.

    A long-term project in which the community will participate and which could open up new worlds and scenarios to publishing, now online, but above all entirely crypto.

    The project was carried out in collaboration with ArtRights, Artuu, The Cryptonomist, Phigy, the Poseidon group and Poseidon NFT Fund.


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